Plot: Joey Hammond (Joseph Shaughnessy) has a quiet evening at home interrupted, when a violent killer invades his domestic bliss. This leads to a desperate battle for survival, as Joey tries to stay one step ahead of the sadistic killer and somehow avoid a brutal death. But this deranged murderer means business, so evading a horrific fate will be no simple task.

Entertainment Value: The Violence Movie is a fourteen minute, shot on video tribute to 80s slasher movies, made by brothers David and Eric Wilkinson. This is homemade horror, but it has immense heart and manages to capture a special kind of horror magic, despite the short duration. This is simple, to the point stuff, as it is just a killer and potential victim in conflict, but it does feel like a deleted scene from some splashy 80s slasher movie. Given the sheer volume of movies that have tried to ape this style and failed, The Violence Movie deserves credit for nailing the vibe, despite the obvious and complete lack of resources involved.

The performances are fine and do what needs to be done, one guy trying to live and the other trying to kill the first guy. This isn’t deep, dialogue driven narrative and with only fourteen minutes, there’s not exactly room for depth, but the two leads are able to give a fun chase. I mean, this is pure cheese of course, but that’s the point and since it feels like authentic cheese, that’s all the better. There’s no sleaze in this one, but the movie does live up to the title and delivers some bloodshed. The gore is homemade and looks cheap, but that is part of the charm and a lot of fun to watch. I think The Violence Movie packs in a lot more 80s DIY horror madness into fourteen minutes than most 80s tribute films manage in feature length efforts. If you’re a fan of wild indie horror or 80s slashers, this is worth adding to your collection.

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