Plot: Carson (Ashley Parker Angel) has never had a good relationship with his father, so when his dad is killed in a car accident, it is no surprise that Carson is more concerned with his inheritance than his grief. But as it turns out, Carson isn’t going to get the windfall he expects and instead, will be given a small stipend for living expenses and little else. The trust allows for some exceptions, such as marriage, but otherwise keeps him locked out of his own cash. As if that isn’t enough bad news, soon Carson is brought in on rape charges and the trust doesn’t even allow for his defense to be funded, so he marries his girlfriend to open the coffers. Meanwhile, Detective Walker (John Schneider) is convinced that something smells fishy about the situation, but he is paranoid or is there some kind conspiracy going on?

Entertainment Value: The fourth installment of Wild Things has the benefit of following two quite lackluster sequels, so even a middle of the road thriller would mean an uptick for the franchise. The narrative here is in line with the rest of the series, while adding some slightly fresh threads and feeling the least like a remake, which is a positive right off the bat. The sleaze remains toned down, but it does live up to the title and the cast comes through with the trashiness the series is built on. So while this is familiar ground to say the least, Foursome at least shows some spark of enthusiasm and that hasn’t been the case in Wild Things since the original movie. The cast is terrible, but fun to watch and brings the melodrama and trashiness, so the routine script is given a bump thanks to that. John Schneider is the star power here and he plays it sincere, which ratchets up the camp value, of course. The prominent females aren’t as vibrant and dynamic as Denise Richards and Neve Campbell, but they at least dial up the cattiness and attitude, which is welcome. I also have to mention the movie’s dope, played by Ashley Parker Angel, who is about as awkward and terrible as it gets. Foursome is a mediocre thriller, but a huge step up over the previous two Wild Things installments, so if you like trashy, twisty thrillers, you could do worse.

The movie does up the ante on the series’ signature threesome scene by adding another woman, but there’s minimal sleaze in this one. The foursome happens in a shower scene and there’s some brief peeks at bare breasts and asses, but it is pretty tame and oddly, the lone instance of nakedness here. Some mild violence unfolds, but it is quite tame and for the most part, happens off screen. The worst it gets is some blood stains on clothes or a knife, with the actual kinetic violence hidden from sight. So a little tension at times in those scenes, but no real bloodshed. The dialogue is mostly basic, but the cast is so terrible, some of the lines get a nice boost of campiness. Angel is atrocious and one of the least charismatic actors I’ve ever seen, which makes his lines ridiculous, though Schneider seems to embrace the b movie atmosphere and go for a more sincere and by turn, humorous approach. Aside from how abysmal Angel’s acting skills are, no craziness in this one.

Nudity: 1/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 2/10

Overall Insanity: 1/10

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