Plot: As the world has fallen into desolation, those still alive lead turbulent, desperate lives with only drugs as a potential escape. This leads to a population of addicts and with limited drugs to go around, the junkies hunt each other down and fight over what little there is. A man and his wife navigate this dark world, pushed to seek out drugs not only for the wife, but also the couple’s infant. The man does his best to find fixes for his family, to the point he is willing to mutilate and kill if that’s what it takes. But how long can this couple survive in this drug addled wasteland?

Entertainment Value: This movie runs just over half an hour, but is a concentrated blast of blood, violence, and surrealism. Nutsack opens with one of the strangest medical procedures you will ever witness, then unspools a wild ride that never relents and just melts the senses. Although this doesn’t run with a traditional narrative, it does have some tracks it follows and doesn’t feel all that random, which should please those who need a little structure. James Bell has crafted a lot of memorable moments in Nutsack, but I think the most enduring part has to the odd babies, which have horrific and silly faces. This strange visual bolsters the surreal texture of the movie and also injects a little humor into an otherwise dark experience. This is bold, graphic content however, which means those with more sensitive tendencies will be repulsed or baffled, as Bell pushes boundaries often here. But if you appreciate dark, artistic visions of horror, Nutsack should be in your collection.

The movie has frequent, vivid nakedness, often in situations that go well beyond the normal sexual situations. This includes genital mutilation and necrophilia, so if you’re squeamish, you’ll likely be put off here. The corpse sex scenes are outrageous, with the finale being a husband and wife sexual encounter that is one for the ages, an absolute grisly masterpiece. The blood flows like Niagara Falls in Nutsack, with all kinds of gore on showcase. The medical scenes alone provide enough bloodshed to keep most gore hounds satisfied, but that is just the start. The effects are practical and look much better than you might expect, with a raw, visceral texture. The dialogue is limited, so there’s not much chance for wild or outlandish lines. As for craziness, the bizarre surgery scenes, the eerie babies, necrophiliac sex scenes, and general unsettling atmosphere ensure a lot of madness is packed into the short duration.

Nudity: 5/10

Blood: 10/10

Dialogue: 0/10

Overall Insanity: 10/10

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