Plot: A series of natural disasters has rocked Japan, but after some investigation work, it becomes clear these disasters aren’t quite natural. These incidents are the work of Demon Princess Dragon Mom (Terry Liu), a wild villainess who commands a militia of monsters to carry out her nefarious schemes. She plans to keep hammering the globe with her monsters and disasters, at least until the world’s leaders decide to step aside and allow her to rule. After all, she has lurked beneath the surface for centuries and she plans to seize power now that she’s arrived. While her monsters are an imposing threat, a plan is put into motion to fend off her attacks and the hero could be Rayma (Danny Lee), though he will have some enhancements. He is to be turned into a superhero, with a colorful suit loaded with powers and abilities, but his natural martial arts skills will also come in handy, of course. But even as the powerful Inframan, can Rayma overcome the odds and neutralize the monster invasion?

Entertainment Value: One of the wildest, most fun superhero movies ever made, The Super Inframan is a bonkers ride that combines kaiju, martial arts, and superheroes with splendid results. The narrative is ridiculous, with a demon princess using various monsters to terrorize the world, but it does what it needs to, which is set up the wild and over the top action that follows. The movie delivers frequent, consistent madness via outrageous fight scenes with monsters, old school special effects, and some of the most surreal set pieces in superhero cinema. Imagine Power Rangers, but on a potent cocktail of hallucinogens and you’re in the ballpark of what to expect from this creative, manic vision of action and adventure. In other words, this isn’t a few out of control and bizarre scenes, but wall to wall chaos with unrelenting madness. Danny Lee has the lead is a constant source of fun, embracing the b movie approach and delivering a performance that feels like a perfect fit. Terry Liu is also fantastic as Princess Dragon Mom, dialing up her evil level into the stratosphere. This movie is simply pure magic and every second is insanely fun, at a level few movies can even come close to. Mind melting, eye popping fun that runs from start to finish. In case you can’t tell, The Super Inframan earns our highest recommendation.

No nakedness. No blood. The lack of blood and sleaze is never an issue, as the movie takes a bright and colorful approach that is wacky in tone, so the darker elements aren’t missed in the least. The action is fast and frequent, with some super fun martial arts battles that include a host of memorable monsters. This is acrobatic, superhero style combat that unfolds at a brisk pace, so fast and wild brawls are on tap. There’s also use of various powers and abilities, by both Inframan and his enemies, the latter of whom often have some kind of signature skills. The design elements are so awesome, from the wide scope of monsters to the costumes to the sets, it all looks so cool and creates this vivid, manic world to soak in. The dialogue is overly dramatic, dialed up melodrama and immense fun. The lovable demon princess has the wildest lines of course, but there’s also fun science talk, noble hero talk, and end of the world panic. As for craziness, the movie is nothing but concentrated wackiness and off the wall moments, so despite the zany tone, it still packs a strong insanity punch.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 6/10

Overall Insanity: 8/10

The Disc: 88 Films has graced us with a beautiful new HD treatment, one that lets the bold, vivid visuals shine. The wild visuals are a huge part of The Super Inframan’s charm, so to have them in such clean, sharp condition is a real treat. I found detail to be rock solid and a nice improvement over previous home video editions, while the vibrant colors really radiate here. You can choose between Chinese and English soundtracks, with optional English subtitles provided. The extras are limited to some stills, but the movie is what counts and it has been given a terrific treatment here.

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