Plot: Taylor Brooks (Clare Kramer) comes from a family with deep ties to The Skulls, a powerful, secretive social organization. Those chosen are lavished with perks and a deep, influential social circle, so success is all but assured if one is accepted into the ranks of the group. While her father and late brothers were inducted, the group has never accepted a female into the hallowed ranks, but Taylor is driven to change that archaic standard. After she uses campus guidelines to make an ironclad case, she is approved and allowed to pledge to become the first ever female Skull. Of course, most of the men in her pledge group are displeased by her presence and even try to sabotage her, but she persists in her efforts. But will The Skulls allow a woman to enter the ranks or do they have a hidden agenda at work?

Entertainment Value: As I’ve said in my reviews of the other Skulls movies, I love the premise of the series, but the films never explore the dark potential of these secret, powerful societies. The original was a bland thriller, while the second movie was an even more watered down version, so at least The Skulls III deserves a little credit, as it shakes up the formula. The basic concept is the same, as a new member runs into problems and all that, but here our lead is a female. This seems like a minor switch, but it does at least add some fresh blood to the narrative and a woman in this all-male world puts a little more interest in the well worn setup. Of course, once things start into motion, the story reverts back to the same old formula, but in such a bland series, even an effort to be fresh is appreciated. Clare Kramer has some charm in the lead, but isn’t given much to do and as such, her performance is forgettable. The rest of the cast is passable, with the stalwart Barry Bostwick as a welcome presence. This one is actually better than the first two movies, but not by much. I do think this one has a more interesting narrative thanks to some decent twists, where the previous two movies were content with no-frills rides to a dull finish. But it is still hard to recommend, unless you have a strong interest in the secret society concept.

No nakedness. This movie returns the franchise to the PG-13 realm after The Skulls II delved into R rated waters, so sleaze is minimal. A lot of bra and panties shots of course, but that’s all there is. A little blood, but not much. A nice head injury is the showcase piece and while violence is minimal, this minor burst of crimson is more than the previous two movies offered, combined. This is another example of The Skulls III at least putting in a little effort to be fun, even if that effort is minimal. The dialogue is in line with the rest of the series, which means mostly bland stuff. A little attitude from Taylor perks up a few scenes, as does a rather melodramatic performance from one of the Skulls, so there’s small signs of life here. The craziness level is low here, but an odd dream sequence at least spices things up a touch. I wish this was darker and wilder, but just like the earlier volumes, it keeps things reeled in.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 1/10

Overall Insanity: 1/10

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