Plot: Lisa (Leslie Mann) is quite close to her daughter Julie (Kathryn Newton) and since Julie graduates this year, Lisa is nervous about being alone, so she encourages her to choose a school close to home. But before college, Julie has the prom to look forward to and she has decided to lose her virginity after the dance, an idea her friends seem to warm up to as well. At a pre-prom backyard party, Lisa reconnects with Mitchell (John Cena), the father of one of Julie’s best friends and Hunter (Ike Barinholtz), the estranged father of her other best friend. The trio were once close friends when the girls were just children, but it has been a while since they’ve all been in the same social circle. After the girls leave for prom, Lisa overhears her daughter’s laptop making noises and looks into it, seeing tons of messages between the three girls. Mitchell joins her and they see some worrisome elements in the messages, which Hunter then confirms as a sex pact and this sends Lisa off the deep end. Now she is determined to crash the prom and prevent the sex pact, but will these three parents be able to chase down three free spirited girls and block the night’s carnal adventures?

Entertainment Value: Blockers is another installment in the “gone wild” trend, this time following three parents as they engage in various wild antics in an effort to prevent a prom night sex pact. I will say that while Blockers is bloated and inconsistent, it does at least make an effort to push the envelope and so at least it ends up a little more over the top than its peers. The story is a familiar one, as parents intrude on their kids, but the these are not innocent teens in the least, while the parents are a mix of naive, unstable, and hedonistic. The blend of parents is a good one, with repressed Lisa, naive Mitchell, and “cool dad” Hunter, a dynamic that allows them to encourage each other and make the silly situations seem plausible. John Cena was a wise choice, as he is such a goofy, awkward presence and he is put into numerous ridiculous scenarios, which he nails in most cases. Most of the cast seems to embrace the wackiness, which adds to the fun, but I do wish Blockers was more outlandish. The movie drags on at times and the emotional beats are passable, but feel unneeded. I also have a hard time believing parents in this time period are as clueless about tech as the ones here, but I suppose that is a must for the narrative to work. Blockers isn’t all that crazy, but it at least tries to push things a little, so for fans of big, broad comedies or over the top humor, I think this one is worth a peek.

A few bare man asses, a shadowy full frontal shot of a penis, and a closeup shot of fake balls being squeezed. Most of the nudity is during a humor, dimly lit sequence in which a married couple are blindfolded, pursuing each other in the nude. The scene is a fun one and while it has some naked flesh, it is played for awkward humor and never feels overly graphic. No blood. Some mild pratfalls and a wild car accident, but no violence or bloodshed in this one. The dialogue is ridiculous and fun here, with a lot of memorable and outrageous lines. Cena is a stand out, as he is such a clean cut persona and hearing him deliver sleazy or outlandish lines is a lot of fun. When the movie sidesteps the emotional beats and focuses on the offbeat humor, things work well, but then it falls apart when more serious moments creep in. On the craziness side of the coin, the movie makes a nice effort to go over the top and has a few memorable set pieces, but aimed at a conservative crowd, it keeps things reeled in. But at least it tries and has some wild moments at times.

Nudity: 1/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 6/10

Overall Insanity: 5/10

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