Plot: Jessica (Blanca Marsillach) is locked in a toxic but passionate relationship with Johnny (Stefano Madia), who likes to rough her up and test her limits, but she always goes back to him. But when he suffers a head trauma and later collapses, she is scared she will lose him forever. At the hospital, he is treated by Dr. Simpson (Brett Halsey) and while he is a skilled doctor, he is dealing with a lot of pressure at home and in a tragic turn of events, Johnny dies on the operating table. Jessica is devastated and unable to cope with the loss, obsessing over pictures, clothes, and memories of her beloved, even if those memories aren’t always pleasant. She begins to hate Dr. Simpson and blames him for the death, but she doesn’t plan to let him off the hook and soon, she sets a dark chain of events into motion in hopes of finding closure.

Entertainment Value: A movie that opens with a woman grinding her pussy into a saxophone as her boyfriend plays a seductive melody, The Devil’s Honey is a sleaze drenched thriller that only gets wilder from there. Lucio Fulci crafts a series of mind melting sexual set pieces that center on Jessica, an unstable young woman who unravels over the course of the movie. While all the sexual mayhem gets the attention, this movie is loaded with relationship dysfunction of all kinds and has jaw dropping scene after jaw dropping scene. I love the interactions between Simpson and his wife, as he is such a cold, selfish bastard and just unloads on her. Jessica and Johnny’s toxic love might be flashier, but the doctor and his wife provide some tremendous moments as well. The story here is fine, but this is more of an experience than a traditional narrative and is driven by characters more than plot. The first half is more outlandish perhaps, but the second half is pure kink, as Jessica enacts her grand plan for revenge and Simpson finds out a lot about himself. As this is a Fulci picture, some might be let down by the lack of horror elements, but there is a strong giallo vibe, not to mention all the sadistic mind fucks involved. So if you appreciate sleaze cinema and toxic romance, The Devil’s Honey needs to be in your collection.

As you should be able to tell from the above, this movie is a buffet of eye popping sleaze and wastes no time serving up the spectacle. A man massages a woman’s vagina with the power of the saxophone and the experience is so intense, she is brought to tears. This is how you open a movie and while most films could never maintain that kind of madness, this one can and does. A parade of naked flesh follows, with Blanca Marsillach rarely clothed and she goes for broke in this role, embracing both the sleaze and the wild mood swings her role demands. A wealth of bare breasts, bare asses, and full frontal nudity is stocked here, as well as some hairy armpits, in case you’re into that. But this isn’t just normal sex scenes, as we have a woman smearing lipstick all over her vagina, a forced handjob during a motorcycle ride, sexual torture, candle wax sadism, staircase sodomy, and a wild scene that leaves Simpson with a blood soaked face. The sexual elements are all riddled with dysfunction as well, regardless of which characters are with which, making the sleaze even more, well sleazy. And who could forget that lovable pooch who can’t keep his nose to himself?

This is an erotic thriller, not a horror movie, so while there’s blood and psychosexual elements, gore isn’t an ingredient here. The beautiful scene between Simpson and Jessica where he winds up with a blood covered face is a highlight, but for the most part, blood isn’t a prime element here. At the same time, there is ample tension and potential discomfort throughout, given the strange, consent fluid relationships involved and that adds some unpredictable vibes. Jessica is a wild girl and her erratic, dangerous antics are a gold mine in The Devil’s Honey. The dialogue is a treasure trove of dysfunction and toxic personalities, so of course, I loved every minute. No one holds back and every scene is littered with hurt feelings, verbal assaults, or mean spirited remarks, just a wondrous march of cruel and outlandish lines. No matter what the configuration, these characters have no kindness to offer each other. I think the doctor and his wife have some great exchanges, but Johnny is an ace sleazebag as well and once she comes unglued, Jessica also ramps up the dysfunction. As for craziness, the outrageous sexual set pieces, the pure dysfunction and toxic personas, and unexpected finale are all big scorers, while the entire movie just feels like a fever dream.

Nudity: 10/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 7/10

Overall Insanity: 10/10

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