Plot: Garrett (Keiynan Lonsdale) is a rising internet star, with a popular video channel and live stream series. He is humbled by his recent success and loves his fans, but he does have a rule, no romance with a fan. This is hard at times, as his fame draws a lot of female attention, but he sticks to his word. When he meets Shell (Ema Horvath), the two have an instant spark between them and while he is nervous, he asks her out and the two wind up in bed together. But after the tryst, Shell has a secret to reveal, as she is one of Garrett’s biggest fans. He has flirted with her on the live streams, but he had no idea she looked up his personal info, moved to his town, then set up the meet so she could finally meet him in person. He is shaken by this turn of events, but Shell’s odd behavior only intensifies. As Garrett faces all kinds of social pressures he is unequipped to deal with, can he survive Shell’s wrath?

Entertainment Value: The premise here is interesting, a social media fueled take on Fatal Attraction, but sadly, Like.Share.Follow. can’t even hold a candle to films on that level. The plot is fine, but the movie is really weighed down by Keiynan Lonsdale, who struggles constantly in the lead. Even in a role like this one, where social skills aren’t a priority, he seems overly nervous and lacks the kind of charm or charisma online celebrities tend to possess. He just sinks the entire movie and it is a shame, as his foil Ema Horvath is quite good in her role. She has the right awkward charm to make the stalker role work, but she is held back by her costar at every turn. The pace is brisk and the script tosses in frequent twists & turns, while the relationship between Garrett and the police detective is a nice touch. The movie isn’t all that tense or scary, but that might have been different with a more capable lead. As passable as some elements here can be, Lonsdale is an albatross the movie can’t shake. Unless you’re a stalker genre fanatic, you can skip this one.

No nakedness. This one is clearly aimed at a tween audience, so while some monkey business happens, none of it shown on screen. No blood. A little bit of mild violence happens in this one, but no bloodshed and the violence is minimal, happening off screen in most cases. I can tell this was intended for younger audiences, but there is so little in terms of horror elements, it seems odd to have chosen the genre in the first place. Even mildly tense scenes are infrequent, which is just weird. While Horvath’s performance is fun, the script doesn’t give her much to work with, so even our best character has no real memorable lines. The cop shows some flashes of potential at times, but Lonsdale sucks all the potential out of those sequences. On the craziness scale, this one is tame and mild to be kind. No real scares, no wild moments, and even our imbalanced stalker is kept on a tight leash.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 0/10

Overall Insanity: 0/10

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