Plot: After his father was killed by a hurricane with a skull for a face, Will (Toby Kebbell) became a weatherman and vowed to work to end the hurricane menace. His brother Breeze (Ryan Kwanten) fell into a life of parties and alcohol, but has found some steady work of late as a repairman. Will is back in town to monitor a tropical storm that is closing in, but he soon realizes the storm is picking up strength and could be one of the most devastating hurricanes ever. At the same time, Casey (Maggie Grace) has just delivered a fleet of trucks to the federal treasury, loaded with countless millions in old bills to be shredded. After a generator breaks down, she leaves to track down Breeze, who is contracted to do the repair work, but as soon as she steps out, a heist crew takes control of the compound. As Will tries to persuade his brother to leave town before the storm hits, Casey arrives to take him to the treasury, unaware of the robbery in progress at the time. As these three are drawn into this dangerous heist, they face both the ruthless criminals and a massive hurricane. Can they somehow thwart the heist and survive the crushing devastation of the storm?

Entertainment Value: The Hurricane Heist is like a bigger budget take on the disaster b movies genre, with no regard to logic or common sense and just a parade of bananas, over the top action and situations. A couple of white trash brothers reunite to battle criminals and mother nature here, with the help of a hot federal agent who is like a one woman militia. The premise is of course beyond ridiculous, but the movie never tries to be smart and seems content to be a bonkers, action driven disaster flick. The narrative does wedge in some threads like father issues, brotherly love, and redemption, but these are skated over and just fill time between ridiculous set pieces, though it is nice that a little effort was made in that area. The pace is brisk and the wait between hilarious, implausible action scenes is minimal, plus the terrible dialogue and over the top performances keep things fun. Maggie Grace is a competent lead and tries to keep a straight face here, while Toby Kebbell is barely conscious and Ryan Kwanten delivers a capable effort as total white trash. Ralph Ineson is a fun, campy villain, but the most memorable performance here to me was from Melissa Bolona. She is such an odd choice to play a high level hacker and she is so plastic in her presence, she could often be mistaken for a Real Doll. Her soulless eyes and dead inside presence are so much fun here, I just wish she had more scenes. The Hurricane Heist is big, dumb, campy fun, fans of b movie disaster flicks should appreciate this one.

No nakedness. The hackers enjoy some light affection as they drive a semi truck in the eye of the hurricane, but that’s as close to sleaze as this one gets. No blood. The movie has some gun violence, but most of the weapons use non lethal ammunition and when bullets are put into use, the result is bloodless. As for action, The Hurricane Heist has a number of big set pieces that will require immense suspension of disbelief, but are quite fun to watch. One scene has a Twister inspired moment that involves tethering to avoid the storm’s wind power, but here that technique is weaponized. The cell tower sequence is outlandish and of course, the finale punches up the drama and delivers a wild, out of control last set piece. The movie has also chases, but the real fun is all the storm related destruction that unfolds. The visual effects are passable, but not that great, though more practical effects than expected have been rolled into this one. The dialogue is silly and often campy, especially from Ineson as the scene chewing villain and Kwanten as a white trash stereotype. Kebbell stumbles over even basic lines, but I thought that was hilarious and added to the fun. As for craziness, the ludicrous nature of pretty much the entire movie earns some points, but the strangest part of this one has to be Melissa Bolona, who is so bizarre here. As I said before, she is like a living doll who has no emotion or human qualities, as if she is a high end hacking android of some kind. Her vapid persona and vacant eyes add an odd presence here and I loved it.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 4/10

Overall Insanity: 5/10

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