Plot: Father Uffizi (Jason Scott Lee) has his holy vampire hunter status revoked by the church, but he plans to continue his quest regardless. He is still on the trail of Dracula (Rutger Hauer) and while he prefers to work alone, he has a sidekick for the moment in Luke (Jason London). As he wants to find his beloved girlfriend, Luke joins the quest and is confident he can get his girl back, although her transformation into a vampire might make that tougher than he thinks. So the two unlikely allies blaze a trail through a small militia of vampires, collecting information and heading toward Romania, where Dracula awaits to do battle.

Entertainment Value: Dracula 2000 was a fun, camp soaked ride, but Dracula II was a snooze, so Dracula III seemed wide open with potential. As it turns out, while it doesn’t reach the camp levels of the first movie, it is a much more fun trek than the second film, so that’s a small triumph. Jason Scott Lee returns and takes the lead this time, while Rutger Hauer steps in as Dracula and while the latter makes no sense, I won’t argue with Hauer’s welcome presence here. The story is simple, just a vampire hunter after his big game vampire, but the movie throws in some fun action and in my opinion, a terrific finale to close out the series. Lee is a solid lead, but he is better in the action scenes than more dramatic moments, while Jason London is a mediocre, but tolerable comic relief presence at his side. I wish Lee had a more competent partner who could handle the dialogue, while he focused on action, but no such luck. Diane Neal returns and while her role is smaller this time around, she is still fun to watch. I do appreciate the ramped up bloodshed, violence, action, and silliness, but I also wish Dracula III would have raised the stakes even higher. As it stands, it is a passable sequel, but I wanted a wild, over the top final installment instead.

Just one real nude scene, but it has topless shots, bare ass, and ever so brief full frontal, so at least it goes for broke in that one instance. A quick flash of corpse boobs is also present, however. This one has some fun bursts of violence, but most of the carnage happens off screen, which stinks. But we do have some bright spots, such as a wicked face melt, some fancy blade work, and the assorted stake session, so there’s some cool stuff here. But as I said, most of the good stuff happens off camera and we just see the bloody aftermath. The dialogue is fine, but rarely spark a reaction outside of some lame one liners and religious lingo. I wish Hauer would have just gone berserk as Dracula and given us a wild, out of control effort, but instead he just dials up the camp a little. In the realm of craziness, this movie features a vampire, dressed as a carnival clown, using stilts. This alone is brilliant cinema, as it is not often vampires make use of stilts. I also love the gypsy style fake baby ambush, while the ridiculous, but fun end twist also adds to the good times.

Nudity: 1/10

Blood: 3/10

Dialogue: 1/10

Overall Insanity: 3/10

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