Plot: Brad (Tom Campitelli) is a rich, hotshot businessman and while his methods are unusual, there’s no arguing with his results. While others chase well established rules of business, Brad uses cutting edge tech to give himself an edge and that means using the wisdom of computers. All of his businesses have used computers to analyze and predict business patterns and had immense success, but his professional basketball team is the lone exception. After all, computers can’t predict sports, right? Brad decides to roll the dice and have computers analyze a mountain of basketball data, then give him the best, overlooked players on the market. No one seems to believe in his approach, but then the computer locates the ideal player and as luck has it, the player is available. So Brad signs the computer’s pick and is quite surprised to learn that the best basketball player around is Terry Williams (Nancy Lieberman), a woman. Can Terry prove she belongs in a male dominated sport or was the computer finally wrong?

Entertainment Value: If you liked Moneyball, but wish it was more of an oddball, cheese filled 80s comedy, Perfect Profile is just what you need. This movie is packed with 80s elements and tech, including a humorous computer that has a female persona and shouts rape if someone tries to access her files with permission. The premise here is simple and a little sexist perhaps, as a computer algorithm scans available players to find overlooked gems and locates the best one, but she happens to be a woman. So much 80s casual sexism unfolds and while the concept of a woman in a man’s sports sounds kind of progressive, that isn’t the case here. While she proves she is a skilled player, she also agrees to give up her passion for a man, who happens to be her boss and believes his woman shouldn’t work. Nancy Lieberman plays Terry and she is 80s to the core, while Tom Campitelli is solid as the inconsistent millionaire, who never seems to be able to make any sense. A host of colorful, stereotype driven supporting characters are also present, including one male player who takes out Terry in a game, but finds himself in the doghouse at home, since his wife cheers for Terry. This is just a silly, totally 80s flick that fans of oddball comedies should appreciate.

No nakedness. Of course the boss sleeps with his star player, but no sleaze is shown on screen. Given the massive size of Terry’s hair, I can only imagine the epic bush that lurked below, but we will never know. No blood. One of the league’s bad boys targets Terry and knocks her out of competition for a while, but aside from a comically oversized head bandage, she’s ok. But hey, using computer analytics, women in men’s sports, and concussion issues all in an 80s movie, maybe Perfect Profile was ahead of its time, right? The dialogue is loaded with casual sexism, casual racism, and of course, tons of 80s lingo. I am sure some would be triggered by the sexist comments, but it is part of the narrative and indicative of the time period. I also love Brad’s stupid business talks, such as when he tells us that money isn’t the point, success is the point. As for craziness, the entire premise is a little loopy, especially with all the 80s touches, but a plot to turn Larry Bird black is the watermark here for wackiness.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 6/10

Overall Insanity: 3/10

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