Plot: On November 13, 2015, a horrific terrorist attack rocked Paris and killed well over one hundred people and injured countless more. Over eighty of those victims were at a concert the Bataclan Theatre, where the band Eagles of Death Metal played as part of a promotional tour for a new album. The band survived, but was just as scarred and shattered by the attack as the others who endured it. In Nos Amis, Colin Hanks directs us through first hand accounts of the attack from those who experienced it, but also an inside look at Eagles of Death Metal as a band. How it was formed, how it changed after the attack, and the band’s return to Paris.

Entertainment Value: Nos Amis is an interesting documentary, one that focuses on the band itself and the journey that took it to Paris that fateful night, as well as how that horrific attack impacted the lives of the band, those close to them, and the numerous fans who were present. So this isn’t a concert film or deep examination of the terrorist attack, but an intimate look inside Eagles of Death Metal and the path that led them to that point in time. Colin Hanks directs this piece and puts an emphasis on the bond between band members Jesse Hughes and Josh Homme, which is the driving force behind the band. The two share memories and stories from the band’s roots and how it grew, forged a deep connection with the fans, and of course, how the band changed in the wake of the attack.

This piece also includes interviews with survivors from the attack, fans who recall their memories of the experience and connection to the band. These are hard to watch at times, as these people endured so much and lost so many close to them, but hearing their stories is a tribute to them and their loved ones. Given the band’s intense bond with the fans who support it, it only made sense to include a good amount of material from the perspective of those devoted supporters. In addition to the interviews with the band and fans, Nos Amis includes a wealth of behind the scenes and archival footage, interviews with U2’s Bono and The Edge, and of course, some musical moments. The story of the attack in Paris was global news, but Nos Amis helps put it on a more personal level and that offers a much different take than just hearing a news report. For fans of the band or documentaries in general, this movie is well worth a look.

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