Plot: Franklin Roosevelt (Barry Bostwick) is on a hunting trip with some friends when he is attacked by a werewolf and while he is able to take down the beast, he contracts polio from the cursed abomination. While his cock still works, his legs are now useless, but he refuses to let that keep him down. After some encouragment, Roosevelt decides to run for president and he launches a campaign for the ages, winning the office and facing a serious challenge as soon as he assumes power. The werewolf forces of Germany, Italy, and Japan have formed an axis of evil and while Roosevelt doesn’t want to get involved, it soon becomes clear he might have to. Meanwhile, an affair with an assistant keeps him distracted, though he dispatches a promiscuous southern belle to keep people happy, or at least the menfolk. Will Roosevelt be drawn into the war and if so, what kind of historical ass kicking will FDR engage in?

Entertainment Value: This one is dumb, low rent, and outlandish, but for fans of b movie madness, FDR: American Badass is also quite fun. You have to appreciate the absurd, as the movie makes no effort to be serious or even make sense, just doing random nonsense with minimal exposition. I can see why some viewers would be bored or just hate this movie, as it is so stupid and random, but I found it to be hilarious at times and if nothing else, seeing some of the cast members in such outrageous roles was a lot of fun. Barry Bostwick has the lead and embraces the ludicrous material, going well beyond over the top in the role. He seems to have fun in these low rent, dialed up kind of roles, so I am glad he has such a prominent role here. Also on deck are Bruce McGill, Lin Shaye, Keri Lynn Pratt, Richard Riehle, Kevin Sorbo, Ray Wise, and Robin Sydney, as well as several other familiar faces. The cast runs with the outlandish material, making the most of the ridiculous lines and situations. FDR: American Badass might not be a good movie, but it is a fun, unpredictable ride and for fans of cinema of the bizarre, it is worth a shot.

There’s some brief topless fun, but that’s all the naked flesh in this one. The movie is loaded with sexual innuendos and outright vulgar discussions, but not much sex or even bare skin here. There’s some poorly crafted CGI blood in spurts throughout, but not much in terms of bloodshed. The violence is comical in nature, so that makes sense, though we do get a scene with a squirrel shoved a guy’s ass, so that is a nice inclusion, I think. The dialogue is no holds barred, absurd nonsense, with all kinds of hilarious, stupid, and quotable lines involved. The lines alone are just odd and ridiculous, but then the cast dials up the absurdity with over the top, ham handed performances, so the lines skyrocket into melodrama and total nonsense. Some will hate this, but I had fun and some of the lines are pretty inventive and humorous, while others are just so lame or unexpected, they provide some laughs. As for craziness, this one throws any shred of common sense out the window and while the zany tone defuses the insanity to an extent, it is still a wild one.

Nudity: 1/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 7/10

Overall Insanity: 6/10

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