Plot: Jackie (Christy Carlson Romano) seems to have the gold medal all but locked up, until a fall during a difficult jump dashes those hopes. Her injury is so severe in fact that she is told her singles career is likely over, though she could explore a run in pairs, as it has less emphasis on jumps. While Jackie is a lone wolf and doesn’t like to depend on others, so she knows this is her last chance to earn a medal, so she begins to screen potential partners. One hopeful is Alex (Ross Thomas), who has lost his extreme sports sponsorships and needs a new venue for competition, not to mention he and Jackie have some minor history between them. But can these two polar opposites make it work, especially at the Olympic level?

Entertainment Value: This sequel is connected to the original in a loose sense, as Jackie is supposed to be the daughter of the leads from The Cutting Edge, but the original actors aren’t in those roles. So aside from a couple of minor references in dialogue, this is a sequel in shared narrative more than anything else. Once again a feisty figure skater needs a partner and once again, an unlikely contender emerges from another sport, so you can likely fill in the rest. Christy Carlson Romano is cute and charismatic as always, playing the spoiled brat with ease, while Ross Thomas is passable, but not memorable as her love interest. The two have moderate chemistry, but nothing like the original and the movie suffers as a result. The banter is forgettable and aside from Romano’s attitude, this one has little to offer. The pace is fine and at least some fresh turns have been thrown in, to keep it from feeling like a total retread. But unless you’re a romantic comedy addict with an ice skating fetish, this one is tough to recommend.

A quick bare ass when Alex showers, which has Jackie wide eyed and leads to a humorous scene of her trying to find just the right pose to reveal she’d been spying on him in the shower. No blood. This is a cutesy romantic comedy, so no violence aside from some spills on the ice. The original had some great banter, but sadly, that tradition doesn’t continue to this sequel. Romano has some bite and really runs with the brat role, but Thomas does little to feed into or off her work. The end result is she has a few nice lines and fun attitude, but not much quotable or memorable dialogue. As for craziness, just some mild creepiness from Romano at times and of course, the dazzling presence of rollerblades.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 2/10

Overall Insanity: 1/10


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