Plot: A group of juvenile delinquents are offered the chance to reduce their sentences, in exchange for some good, old fashioned community service. The teens are transported to a historic, but run down hotel that was supposed to be revamped and reopened, but instead, will be used to shelter the homeless. This is where the teens come in, as they will need to spruce up the place and help get it closer to being inhabitable, while also helping their own causes. Despite the fair offer, none of them seem interested in doing a good job to earn their reduced time, with some looking for an escape route, others just looking to harass everyone, while a couple of the teens look to explore the hotel and see if rumors of a loaded safe are true. But as they soon discover, there’s someone else in the hotel and he’s all too happy to have new visitors…

Entertainment Value: I found some parts of See No Evil to be interesting, most of which center on the film’s villain, played here by pro wrestler Kane. He has a great look and always has had the presence of a horror movie monster, so he is a natural for the role and makes a capable stalker. I also liked his backstory here, a familiar, but twisted tale of a religious mother, intense shame, and forced pornography sessions driving him to want to tear out people’s eyeballs. But where See No Evil takes a wrong turn is to focus on the dull, forgettable teens and push Kane into the background. None of the teens have even a little depth or charisma, so they’re just fodder for our monster, but so much time is burned on their characters and other exposition elements. This results in a rather slow, sometimes dull experience that picks up whenever Kane shows up, then slows back down once his spree takes a break. The technical elements are fine, good visuals, a fun locale, and solid production values, but aside from Kane, there’s nothing here that is memorable or remarkable. But it is still a watchable slasher flick, so fans of Kane should find it a fun rental.

A brief peek at some bare ass is the lone nakedness, but not enough to even warrant a single point scored. But we do have some fun bloodshed, with limbs lopped off, impalements, eyes plucked out, axe related mayhem, and my personal favorite, a hook and chain used to rend flesh. Now some of this is done with CGI, but most of it looks decent, with some exceptions. I appreciated that the movie at least tried to include some visible blood and gore, especially with a nice, nasty approach like this. The violent has a visceral impact, which adds a lot, I think. Plus it is just fun to watch Kane hunt down and murder these annoying actors. The dialogue is basic and mostly bland, with some fun coming from lame attempts to be hip, but that’s about it here. On the craziness scale, the flashbacks to the killer’s youth were a little nasty and vile, so one point there, but other than that, this plays by the usual slasher rules.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 6/10

Dialogue: 0/10

Overall Insanity: 1/10

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