Plot: Michael (Kareem J. Grimes) is a mild mannered dude, but he has a severe crush on the beautiful Jada (Vera Yell), but she doesn’t seem interested. After all, she hooks up with local crime kingpin Lorenzo (William L. Johnson) and he doesn’t like her to talk to other guys, let alone listen to their pleas of romance. While he has been rejected countless times, Michael remains optimistic, though he has hedged his bets with a supernatural ritual to raise his odds. He calls upon the spirit of horrific clown Killjoy to assist him, not just to win over Jada, but get some vengeance on Lorenzo, who has beaten down Michael on several occasions. But can even a paranormal killer clown help a sad sack like Michael, or will Lorenzo kick the clown’s ass too?

Entertainment Value: This super low budget indie would launch a franchise for Full Moon, built on the antics of a maniacal clown and his love of murder, torture, and bad jokes. This first installment is rough around the edges, but has a certain b movie charm and Killjoy is a fun character, though he isn’t given a lot of screen time in his debut feature. The narrative is simple, as a loser summons an evil spirit to help him score, but the short run time and fast pace compensate. This movie runs just over 70 minutes, so it is a lean and focused movie and never feels slow in the least, even when the exposition is unspooled. The tone is a little serious at times, which doesn’t work well, but the camp and bad performances add some fun. When the clown is around, things pick up and take on a more humorous tone and to me, that is where Killjoy shines. The production values are minimal, but I think the filmmakers did well with the limited resources and if nothing else, created a memorable genre villain. So if you appreciate super indie horror flicks or just love a lunatic clown, give Killjoy a shot.

The movie has a couple topless scenes, one of which happens in a shower and offers some glimpses of bare ass as well. The movie has several sex scenes, but most are quite tame and offer no naked flesh. The blood level is low, with only minor doses of the red stuff and no graphic gore whatsoever. I did appreciate one scene that offers a prison style shanking, but even has little kinetic bloodshed. The rest of the visual effects are hilarious and wholly ineffective, but a lot of fun to watch. The kind of digital effects you’d expect to find in a 90s home video or the like, super low rent and cheese laden, but a good laugh. The dialogue has a few bright spots, but is mostly serious, though forgettable lines. Despite a goofy, murderous clown, Killjoy has no real craziness and rarely dives into the camp elements. The bad performances and overly serious moments add a little wackiness, but not enough to get on the board.

Nudity: 1/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 1/10

Overall Insanity: 0/10

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