Plot: Rick (Dominic Purcell) was a dedicated soldier, but he finds himself in prison for the slaughter of innocent women and children. He knows he is innocent and even tried to save them, but the government has made sure everyone believes he is a cold blooded killer. As he is sentenced to thousands of years in prison, Rick is forced to participate in a brutal game show known as Turkey Shoot, in which violent criminals compete for freedom against waves of hired assassins. The contestants must locate a beacon in each stage of Turkey Shoot, but that’s the easy part, as they must also survive hand picked mercenaries and hired guns. Some of these shooters have built up impressive fan bases, such as crowd favorite, Ramrod (Robert Taylor), who has racked up over a hundred kills on the show. Can Rick manage to survive the Turkey Shoot and even if so, can he somehow clear his name in the process?

Entertainment Value: Elimination Game is a loose remake of cult cinema classic Turkey Shoot, but aside from a few references, little ties the two movies together. Roger Ward has a small role here, a clip from the original is shown at one point, and the show’s name of Turkey Shoot are the shared elements, aside from the vague, well worn themes of humans hunting other humans. In truth, this is a straight forward action movie that never veers from that path, so don’t expect Elimination Game have absurd humor or over the top cult elements like Turkey Shoot. The violence is also toned way down, so this is more about chases and scattered gunfire when it comes to action, though the rather weak government conspiracy narrative is the main focus. I liked the colorful assassins used in the show, but the movie does little with them aside from Ramrod, who was the least interesting one of the lot. I would have loved if the assassins were more of the focus, with these colorful villains hunting down our hero, instead of so much time spent on the lame government thread. Dominic Purcell is fine in the lead, a watchable, but unremarkable turn, while no one else leaves much of an impression. Unless you’re curious about the Turkey Shoot connection or just can’t get enough b action movies, this one is a tough sell.

No nakedness. There is some sex, but it is brief and has zero naked flesh. A little sleaze could have helped this one, as it needed any kind of boost it could manage. A little blood here and there, but it is all low end CGI. As this mostly involves gun based violence, I think no blood would worked better, using angles to mask the splashes of red would have been more effective than the cartoonish CGI effects here. A lot of CGI and shoddy green screen work comes through in the action scenes even outside of the bloodshed, so not a great one if you need competent effects. If the tone wasn’t so serious, the terrible CGI wouldn’t have mattered as much, but if you’re trying to sell a dead serious narrative, it really detracts from the experience. The dialogue isn’t terrible, but it is very bland and forgettable. I think some wild lines from some of the more colorful shooters could have worked wonders here. No craziness. This one refuses to go for camp or even mildly interesting elements, which is a shame.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 0/10

Overall Insanity: 0/10

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