Plot: Chip (Matthew Gray Gubler) is a hapless sewage pump worker who has little going for him, but he does have a gorgeous girlfriend, Liza (AnnaLynne McCord). She is a wild child and funds their lifestyle by sleeping with a rich sugar daddy, but Chip is so pussy whipped, he just deals with her quirks. So she sleeps around and maybe she kicks his ass during sex, but he loves her and is so infatuated with her, it seems like he would go along with whatever she did. That devotion is tested when she wants him to help her rob her sugar daddy, as he has $68k in cash just sitting around and of course, Liza wants that money for herself. So she grabs a couple guns and ropes Chip into assisting her, but of course, Liza can’t control herself when things go south. She unleashes a tidal wave of violence and brutally murders two people, then tasks Chip to help her kidnap a third to kill later. While Chip has immense love for his wildcard girlfriend, has she pushed him too far this time and if so, can he survive her wrath?

Entertainment Value: Based on the book of the same name, 68 Kill is a fun, trashy thriller that is filled with colorful characters with minimal impulse control, which leads to some wild situations. The narrative weaves together elements of heist movies, revenge thrillers, and crime pictures, but put into a kind of punk rock blenders that turns it all into an over the top, unpredictable experience. The movie crackles with a dark, but enthusiastic sense of humor that pushes boundaries at times, but doesn’t often feel forced in that approach. This is movie where even minor characters are colorful and memorable, not to mention they likely impact the narrative beyond just showing up a couple of times. I think that’s what I liked most about 68 Kill, as it just feels like pretty much anything could happen whenever, no one was safe, and everything is always on the brink of total disaster. Matthew Gray Gubler has the lead and he is fine, but he is more like a pinball being bounced between these bigger, more memorable personas, which is still fun to watch. AnnaLynne McCord is great as the man eater Liza, who seems like a ticking time bomb anytime she’s on screen, while Alisha Boe is also unstable, just in a different, but still super fun way. The movie has a lot of crazed, larger than life females, while the men are more or less presented as passive side kicks, especially our lead. If you like dark humor and wild, bumpy thrillers, 68 Kill is a fun ride that is well worth taking.

A lot of sexual content in this one, but no graphic instances or much nudity at all, just one topless scene. Most of the sex scenes are played for over the top laughs, such as Liza’s hyper dominant style and Chip being forced to go down on a girl, while trying to hold back his lunch. The movie is also rich in violence, but again, most of the content never gets close to graphic in nature. A few scenes do go for broke, such as a vicious neck slash and a hand being blown off, but otherwise, it is either off screen or no real kinetic blood is visible. Some of the gore is also achieved through CGI and it doesn’t look good, especially the hand scene, which looks terrible. I would have rather seen a less splashy, but better executed effect, rather than the low end CGI. But action wise, the movie has fights, chases, and shoot outs, so plenty of violent action unfolds. The dialogue is fun and I especially loved the banter between characters, especially given how many colorful, wild folks are involved in the narrative. Liza and Violent have most of the craziest moments and lines, but just about everyone gets a turn to rattle off a fun bit or two, so it is well written, over the top stuff. The tone is pretty unstable and wild, but the comic tone does reel things in a little. Even so, we have big, bold characters, fun dialogue, sudden violence, and a general sense of anything could happen, so it earns some craziness points, to be sure.

Nudity: 1/10

Blood: 5/10

Dialogue: 6/10

Overall Insanity: 5/10

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