Plot: Jenna (Heather Morris) is a dressmaker who works for her unstable aunt, who is emotionally abusive and tries to control her niece. After years of such abuse, Jenna’s psyche has broken down and all she wants is to find the right man, to have a dream wedding of her own. But she hasn’t found her Mr. Right, a situation made all the worse by how many brides she has helped walk down the aisle as part of her aunt’s bridal gown business. Jenna thinks she has found her man at last, though he happens to have just married another woman. She even lurks at the reception, staying out of sight, but making some underhanded plans. Of course, the happy couple Marci (Fiona Vroom) and Glenn (Jason Cernak) are unaware of Jenna’s obsession, even when she begins to insert herself into their lives. She befriends Marci, who tries to set her up with a friend, as she can tell Jenna is lonely. But will Jenna give this available man a real chance, or will her obsession overpower her life?

Entertainment Value: Now this is a Lifetime movie. An unstable psychopathic stalker, a domineering matriarch, rampant escalation of unhealthy fantasies, and a double dose of dysfunction spiked with melodrama, Psycho Wedding Crasher has all the ingredients you could ask from a Lifetime movie. Jenna is an ideal lead for this kind of movie, a driven, but awkward soul from a tortured past, who just wants to be loved, even if it takes a trail of deception and murder to land her man. I love how she projects this naive, introverted persona to the world, then pulls off her mask and turns into this insanely bold, sadistic bitch. The role is played to perfection by Heather Morris, who is an absolute blast to watch in action here. The level of sadistic glee Morris displays is fantastic, she is a total natural in this kind of role. This is one of my favorite performances ever in a Lifetime movie, she nails the role and sets a new standard for over the top, sadistic bitches in the genre. Joan Van Ark is fun as the cruel aunt who torments Jenna, while Fiona Vroom adds some spark as the clueless wife who Jenna is toying with. The plot has obvious logic issues, but this movie is about drama and dysfunction, in the Lifetime movie tradition of crazy females. I loved Psycho Wedding Crasher and it deserves a place at the top of the Lifetime movies realm. If you love dysfunction, drama, crazy females, and over the top fun, you need to see Psycho Wedding Crasher.

No nakedness. Jenna is an odd duck who puts on other women’s panties and pleasures herself in other people’s beds, but this is Lifetime, so the sleaze is minimal. But hey, naughty Jenga, right? No blood. Just some mild bruises and such when Jenna abuses herself to fake an attempted rape. She is prone to violence, but it is either off screen or non graphic in nature. Jenna’s unrepentant pleasure is what makes the violent or near violent scenes so wonderful, however. The dialogue here is fun, but Jenna is a woman of action more than words. But she is insane, so she is still ripe with delusional rants and creepy declarations of love. I also love how Marci falls to pieces at the slightest hint of an affair, then reels all of her emotions back in just as fast. I do wish Jenna had some wilder lines, but the dialogue here is still more than solid. On the craziness scale, Jenna is off the rails, even by Lifetime’s standard of crazy female chaos. She is bold, ruthless, and always immense fun to watch. She alone earns a wealth of points on the scale, let alone the odd turns the movie takes and the total embracing of the Lifetime conventions. I mean, this takes all of the elements Lifetime is known for, then amplifies them in a tidal wave of super fun dysfunction.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 6/10

Overall Insanity: 10/10