Plot: Nadine (Karen Bach) is a prostitute who is burnt out on her profession, she is bored by sex with clients beyond belief. She watches television while her customers use her for pleasure, then fantasizes about violent, rape porn inspired sexual experiences. At the same time, Manu (Raffaela Anderson) is tired of her lot in life as well, being pushed around men and treated like an inferior. She has been abused so much in her life, that when she is raped, she has little to no reaction. Her lack of reaction is so jarring, even her rapist is disturbed by how casual the experience seems. Both women are at a kind of breaking point, from which they need to make serious life changes, or risk slipping fully into the abyss. In the midst of this desperate need for change, the two have a chance encounter and strike up an instant bond. Both have crossed a line from which there is no return, so they unite in this curious state, determined to take power for themselves, no matter what the consequences.

Entertainment Value: Baise Moi, also known as Rape Me, is a dark, graphic look at two women who have been driven past the point of no return, after enduring lifetimes of abuse and mistreatment. This is not the usual “females seize control” kind of movie, as it is much more violent and graphic than most rape/revenge pictures. The leads are played as worn down, broken souls who have reached this level of despair that allows them to act without conscience. As this killing spree unfolds, Manu and Nadine don’t just murder in brutal fashion, they relish in the experiences and even talk about how cool their actions must look to others. This is certain to offend and unnerve some viewers, as it well should, but if you need clearly defined heroes and morals, Baise Moi is likely not going to be of interest. These women have been abused, pushed, and oppressed, so it is easy to see how they’ve arrived at this point, but these aren’t conflicted killers, they revel in the violence and freedom of action. The movie deals in serious, dark social issues, but to be honest, doesn’t delve all that deeply. In essence, Baise Moi feels like a hard edged kind of exploitation film more than a social justice manifesto. In terms of resonance, that does dampen the message of course, but it is also a dynamic, unforgettable movie that burns itself onto your brain. Baise Moi is a dark, graphic exploitation movie that touches on some crucial issues, but feels content to just offer up some scathing commentary, then floor it toward the off the rails content.

This movie has graphic, hardcore sex scenes, so if you’re offended by frank sexual content, steer clear. A brutal rape scene involves actual penetration and rough, violent sex, which is hard to watch. But rape shouldn’t be easy to watch and Baise Moi forces you to look at this horrific act, as well as the effect it has on the victims. Manu has been raped so many times, she explains that she has nothing special left inside her, so the rapists can no longer take from her. Her friend is hysterical and not as desensitized, so seeing the two talk about their experience is sad and harrowing. In short, this movie is loaded with full nudity and real unsimulated sex. The movie is also violent, with both rough sex and more traditional, gun based violence on showcase. Sex and death are treated like cheap, valueless acts here, which only serves to amplify the desperate mood of the leads and the world they inhabit. The effects are low rent and the movie has a lo-fi feel overall, so the visuals in the violent scenes aren’t always graphic, but the actions still pack a punch. I mean, shoving a gun up a man’s ass isn’t often seen in movies, let alone followed by pulling the trigger. This is more about the senseless, impulsive nature of the violence, rather than the visceral, visible aspect. Even so, there’s still a good amount of blood sprayed around. The dialogue is dark, hopeless, and desperate in most cases, just sad in others. A lot of dysfunction and disruption, especially once Manu and Nadine go on the warpath. I found the dialogue to be memorable and well written, suiting these leads and the dark world they live in. On the craziness scale, this one has off the rails leads, a wild premise, graphic sex and violence, a nihilistic and insanely dark tone, and a wealth of shocking or unnerving moments. You don’t see movies like Baise Moi often, that much is certain.

Nudity: 10/10

Blood: 6/10

Dialogue: 7/10

Overall Insanity: 10/10