Plot: Ella (Kate Daly) has never been with a man, but she has started to feel some intense desires well up inside herself. Her recent psychology class discussion revolved around deviant sexual behavior and as part of her assignment, she was supposed to explore in ways she hadn’t done before. In an effort to explore, she heads to a strip club, where she admires the talent and meets the creepy owner (Ron Jeremy). He slobbers all over her and while she intended to let loose her sexual magic, instead all she wants to do is kill him in brutal fashion. So she does. The act is pure release for Ella, who savors the kill like she never imagined. To take the life of this slimy creep was true pleasure and of course, she wouldn’t mind feeling that release again. But while she tries to find new scumbags to off, she has to be careful of her overprotective mother, as well as some feelings she is getting toward one of her schoolmates. Is Ella destined to be a serial killer or did she just let impulse get the best of her this one time?

Entertainment Value: Also sometimes marketed as just Psycho Killer, Lady Psycho Killer trades in some sharp social skewering, but never wants to take a serious tone, so the message is a little lost in translation. So instead of a subtle, interesting take on the issues, we’re given a blunt, over the top spin on the male/female dynamics. So this is by no means some kind of social justice slasher movie, just a sadistic femme fatale with severe trust issues. But Ella’s mistrust is well founded, though the movie is flush with stereotypes and simplistic interactions. I did appreciate Kate Daly as Ella however, as she embraced the psychotic side of the role, giving us this ice cold bitch who struggles when her feelings bubble up. She is fun to watch and runs with the role, so she brings a kinetic energy to the movie and carries it well. The cast also includes some big names in small, almost cameo type roles, such as Daniel Baldwin, Malcolm McDowell, Michael Madsen, and of course, porn legend Ron Jeremy. McDowell and Madsen really ham it up in wild, over the top performances. As for the horror elements, the movie rolls out some fun kills, but this is more of a dark comedy than horror movie, despite the body count and decent bloodshed. But there is enough of a horror vibe to lure in genre fans, who will likely also appreciate the darker humor the movie explores. Lady Psycho Killer is no classic, but the fun performances, ice cold, sadistic lead, and general wackiness are enough reason to give it a recommendation.

No nakedness. Ella is a virgin after all and aside from some dry humping, she is too busy killing to bang it out. The bloodshed is better than expected, with Ella taking care to make sure we share in the carnage she unleashes. A nasty throat slash and death by garden shears top the gore charts, with splashy practical effects and some nice bursts of crimson. She has other victims, but those two were my personal highlights and I think had the most generous gushes. In terms of dialogue, I think Ella gets most of the best lines and Daly’s quirky performance makes the most of the material. As I said, she embraces the role and it shows when she delivers some of the more sadistic, dead on the inside lines. But we also have to talk about McDowell and Madsen, who chew up their scenes with no regrets. McDowell is so creepy in his role, while Madsen is just loud, obnoxious, and hilarious. So some fun lines here, delivered by a few cast members who seemed to have fun with the script. On the craziness side, the outlandish performances, sadistic lead, and general dark humor add some points, but it never really runs with the off the rails potential that’s here.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 5/10

Dialogue: 5/10

Overall Insanity: 3/10