Plot: Connie (Robert Pattison) tries to watch over his disabled brother Nick (Benny Safdie), but his impulse lifestyle and questionable life choices aren’t always what is best for either of the brothers. This is never more evident than when Connie pulls Nick into a bank robbery plan, one which seems to work at first, but then they money is ruined by a hidden safety measure. After a brief pursuit, Nick is captured by the police and taken into custody, while Connie is able to evade detection. He tries to round up the cash to get Nick out on bail, but complications arise and he learns Nick is at a local hospital, not at the prison. This prompts Connie to venture to the hospital with plans to break out his brother, but as always, his plan doesn’t go as he expects. As the night continues to spiral out of control and he sinks deeper and deeper into the abyss, can Connie find some kind of escape from this torrent of poor decisions?

Entertainment Value: I’ve never been a fan of Robert Pattinson, but his work in Good Time is impressive. His performance here is one of his best, as he is able to convey such desperation, even without a remarkable script. The writing isn’t bad, but it is mediocre at best, which makes Pattison’s effort here even more powerful, he elevates the entire movie with his performance. I appreciated the dark, fast paced, grime soaked world of Good Time, as the atmosphere is a character unto itself, bringing an oppressive feel of desperation and hopelessness. The visuals are terrific, the camera work is solid, and the movie just has an authentic feel in terms of atmosphere. I wish the script could have expanded on those themes, but aside from letting Connie be a total scumbag, it does little to contribute. I love that Connie is such a dark character and in truth, no one in this movie is likable. I appreciated that bold approach, but I still found the writing to be middle of the road and unmemorable. I also feel like the movie tries way too hard to times and feels too self conscious, though never to a severe degree, but enough to easily pick up on. But Pattinson’s performance, dark atmosphere, frantic pace prove to be enough to overcome the mundane script. So if you appreciate darker dramas, give Good Time a shot.

A bare ass is briefly seen, but that’s all the nakedness. A creepy scene with Pattinson seducing an underage girl is also present, but nothing is shown on screen beyond some kisses. A few bursts of violence, but they’re brief and never graphic. Just some blood to remind us the violence happens, little else. The dialogue is one of the weaker aspects of the movie, as the writing struggles to find a foothold, despite some terrific performances and the effective atmosphere. The tone is dark and serious throughout and the lack of passable dialogue isn’t a real concern, as the cast and the atmosphere carry the movie, but a solid script could have added so much here. As the tone is so relentless and dark, you might expect some wild shit to go down, but that isn’t the case. But that is kind of good in this case, as the movie feels more grounded and the things that happen feel more real, which is a plus. I will score one point for the oppressively desperate atmosphere, but that’s about it here.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 0/10

Overall Insanity: 1/10

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