Plot: Elizabeth (Kody Evans) would often wake up in a state of extreme arousal, unsure why she was consumed with sexual desire. She did notice a mysterious figure from time to time, but assumed this was just part of her erotic dreams. After so many nights of sex dreams, masturbation, and the cloaked figure, she just disappeared, lost to some kind of erotic vortex. But in the same bed she once slept in, others have experienced similar sexual mysteries. Alana (Whitney Wildd) would wake up with those same intense desires, but she would be greeted by Elizabeth herself, who would then pleasure her in various ways. But then Alana would wake up, realizing it was all just some kind of erotic dream, or was it? The same thing happens to Melinda (Charlotte), who has her own experiences with Elizabeth. But are these just sexual fantasies or is there some kind of supernatural sex forces at work?

Entertainment Value: Rain River Falls is all about naked women and not much else, but it is a lot of fun to watch. A narrative is in place, as odd sexual experiences are visited upon women who enter the home once inhabited by Elizabeth, but it all seems like kind of dream. This movie likely has the most “it was just a dream” sudden wake up reveals and to me, with a constant stream of them. I don’t often appreciate that reveal, but here is used so often, it becomes entertainment gold. A girl starts to touch herself? Just a dream. Two women make out? Just a dream. A girl kisses another’s pussy? Of course, just a dream. This happens a lot and is so ridiculous in volume, you have to laugh and it becomes a big source of entertainment. The focus here is on the sex scenes, so the story is minimal at best. But the camp elements help balance that out, so it doesn’t feel like a just a bunch of erotic set pieces. Kody Evans has the lead and has good screen presence, while Whitney Wildd and Charlotte provide the backup. Wildd is beautiful and shows some potential, so I hope she turns up in more movies soon. The movie is just the three women, but they carry the film well. The acting can be a little awkward here and there, but that just adds to the fun. Rain River Falls is a fun, colorful movie that is packed with sleaze, well worth a look for genre fans.

This one is all about that naked flesh, with a consistent parade of nude women from start to finish. This isn’t tease material either, the movie delivers frequent, almost constant topless scenes and full nudity, including full frontal. Not quick peeks, but vivid and consistent full nakedness. So if graphic views of the female anatomy aren’t in your wheelhouse, this might not be the movie for you. The sex scenes are fun, but lack a certain passion in most cases. But this is fine, as the awkward energy makes it feel raw and in the moment, in my opinion. Evans is clearly most comfortable on camera, so she brings some good passion, while the other two are troopers, but don’t always seem super into the situation. No blood. This movie has some eerie touches, but has no violence or overt horror elements. The dialogue is awkward and often hilarious, which helps the movie a lot. The sex scenes are great and all, but the little instances of camp and humor really make it more than just an erotic flick. I am sure some will disagree, but I liked the awkward, nervous performances and strange moments, such as when one girl is unable to hear the other’s lines. Fun is fun, and Rain River Falls is fun. In terms of craziness, that same nervous energy and awkward dialogue adds to the point total. So not a super wild kind of flick, but it has enough camp to pull in a couple points.

Nudity: 10/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 5/10

Overall Insanity: 2/10

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