Plot: In Genesis: Paradise Lost, we’re taken inside the first book of the bible, which details how God created the heaven and the earth, as well as all the various plants and animals that inhabit the landscape. A six day period would result in all of the wonders of our world, with a seventh day earmarked for rest. This movie tries to offer a visual to go with the texts, to let us see what that creation process might have looked like, while it also presents a defense of the science behind creationism. In between the segments that feature animated visions of the creation, we hear from scientists, theologians, and others who have a deep belief in creationism.

Entertainment Value: I do want to note that this is obviously a movie aimed at Christian audiences, so if you don’t share those core beliefs, a lot of the content found in Genesis: Paradise Lost might not appeal to you. The movie has two elements involved, one part involves interviews with various creationist folks and the other is animation that offers a visual component to the creation process. The animation isn’t cutting edge, but it looks quite good and on the big screen in 3D, is quite an experience. I loved the animation when the sun and heavens were created, as the visuals were really trippy and looked amazing in that theatrical presentation. I am sure much of that magic will be lost if you view this on home video, but the animation is still solid enough that it should provide a solid experience. The landscapes and such tend to be the most impressive visuals, as the animals and people are a little less detailed. Even so, it was cool to see it all come to life and it added a lot to the movie’s entertainment value.

In between the animated segments, a host of various scientists and other creationists discuss their beliefs. The interviews touch upon cultural presence, the science behind creationism, and how creationists are treated within the scientific community, among numerous other topics. As this is presented from a Christian perspective, some will feel it is one sided and preaching to the choir, but some efforts are made to counter the science that challenges their beliefs. But of course, your own personal beliefs and biases are sure to color your view on these claims, one way or the other. I mean, I doubt anyone is going to have their outlook changed based on this movie, so it seems silly to go in depth on the science issues involved. So if you’re a Christian, you will likely appreciate this movie a lot and find it to be a rewarding experience. But even if you’re not a believer, I think the movie offers interesting visuals and it was cool to see the creation brought to life, whether you believe or not. But if you’re easily offended by opposing viewpoints or don’t like to listen to the arguments, then you might not get much out of this movie. But I think it is a well made, if one sided look at an ever controversial topic and if nothing else, the animation was a lot of fun to watch.