Plot: Sherri (Angela Dix) is having an issue with her period this month, as blood is spraying out of her like a geyser with little downtime. So whatever she does and wherever she goes, she leaves a wide trail of bloodshed behind her, not to mention all over anyone she encounters. This turn of events has her shaken, but she tries to push forward and live her life, using an endless supply of adult diapers to attempt to curb this tidal wave of blood. She works as a model for an art class, so when she is asked to be fully nude, this results in a classroom soaked in blood. The students, the teacher, the walls, and all of the art supplies are drenched in a heavy flow, which leads to her being fired. The constant mess creates tension between Sherri and her girlfriend Clitoria (Valerie Castro), who is tired of the clean up, lack of sex, and plastic wrap on all the furniture. Will a visit to a creepy gynecologist provide some answers, or is Sherri doomed to always paint the town red?

Entertainment Value: This is a wild, one of a kind movie that anyone with even a casual interest in cult cinema shouldn’t miss. The narrative begins as odd, with a woman who projectile bleeds from her vagina, then weaves into this total chaotic madness with a finale that has to be seen to be believed. The tone is dark and comedic for most of the movie, with constant references to sex, lesbian jokes, and of course, absurd scenes about period blood. The scene where Sherri soaks an entire class of art students with her menstrual flow is so over the top, but it is insanely fun to watch. This kind of absurd humor is frequent in The Period and since the cast embraces the madness, it tends to work well. Angela Dix is quite good in the lead, as a woman pushed to her limit by this excessive bloodshed. She runs with the premise and gives us a humorous effort at first, which then takes a darker, more desperate turn. The entire tone shifts toward the finale, taking a surreal, almost mystical approach that is in stark contrast to the rest of the movie, but still lands. This is certainly not one for those with delicate sensibilities, but The Period is a wild, creative, and bold movie that always keeps your attention and deserves a much wider audience.

A lot of nakedness in this one, numerous topless scenes, bare asses, and vivid full frontal scenes. So if you’re opposed to seeing the female genitalia up close and personal, this is not going to be a ride you want to take. Some prosthetic vaginas are also present for more…colorful sequences, but plenty of legit nudity is here as well. The finale ups the ante on the naked flesh, with a number of fully nude women and men, all leaving nothing to the imagination. The blood. While no traditional gore is present, the movie centers on a woman who has geysers of blood shooting from her crotch almost constantly, so yes, there is a ton of bloodshed. This blood sprays all over everything, from the walls to the furniture to nurses to strangers to Sherri herself, no one encounters her without taking a blood bath. The blood is literally fountains of the stuff, soaking the screen in red. The dialogue ranges from silliness to bad jokes to dysfunction and desperation. The humor mostly works, but not everyone appreciates corny lines and offbeat humor. But I loved how absurd some of the writing was, hammering home these jokes with reckless abandon. On the craziness front, this movie is off the rails right from the start, takes us on an insane journey, then turns up the craziness to a new whole level for the finale. Very little about The Period is even remotely not off the wall, so yeah, this one earns the gold seal of craziness.

Nudity: 10/10

Blood: 7/10

Dialogue: 5/10

Overall Insanity: 10/10

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