Plot: As she is no stranger to high profile, controversial cases, Janet King (Marta Dusseldorp) is called in to head up an investigation into the suicide of a prominent cricket player. Of course, King is never assigned open & shut cases and soon, it becomes clear this was just one small part of a much larger, deeper problem. The case points to the involvement of organized crime and while gambling is a known aspect of the sports world, no one expected the two forces to be this intertwined. King is unafraid to ask the tough questions and explore potentially volatile aspects of the situation, but she soon realizes that once again, those involved will go to great lengths to keep the truth buried from sight. A key witness is murdered, taking the center of the prosecution’s case, but King remains determined. But when someone close to King is suspected of being involved, can she once again balance the delicate line between her work and personal life?

Entertainment Value: Janet is back, assigned to another case that forces her to navigate a web of corruption. I have to admit, when I learned this series was dealing with the darker side of the sports world, I had some doubts, but the show really runs with the premise and it proves to be rich with drama. The topics explored here include fixing games, drugs, organized crime, gambling, money laundering, and more, so there is no shortage of drama and intrigue. As if all that wasn’t enough, of course things spill in Janet’s personal life, when an estranged family member is accused of being in the midst of all this madness. The show continues to focus on the drama over legal details, which is sure to continue to cause some ruckus, but as before, I think it serves the show well and opens up threads not possible with a realistic approach. But I can appreciate the view of those who prefer a more grounded, legally sound narrative. The complaints about a strong, lesbian are as pointless as always, saying much more about those who lodge the issues than the show itself. I think this series takes an interesting turn here and makes the most of the darker side of the sports business.

As I’ve said in reviews of the previous seasons, Janet King’s success is driven by the performance of Marta Dusseldorp. She is given a character that feels fresh in the genre and she runs with that, giving us a strong, driven lead that stands out from the usual genre leads. She is smart, but not infallible and struggles to balance her work and home life, making her seem human and real. She is not the usual robotic investigator or super crime solver, which is a welcome breath of fresh air. Dusseldorp’s performance is excellent as always as King, with great screen presence and charisma, always keeping you reeled in. The supporting cast is solid as well, but Dusseldorp is the main draw and she doesn’t disappoint. I feel like Janet King continues to improve with each season, which is an uncommon trend in television. Dusseldorp is a capable anchor and each season, we’re taken in a new direction and that really helps the series stay fresh and relevant. This third series is a fine addition to the show and for fans, a worthwhile continuation.

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