Plot: The Creeping Terror is an infamous b movie, one that is often mentioned among the worst movies ever made. But as strange as the movie itself, is the story of how it was made and the man behind the camera is much, much stranger. Vic Savage was an unstable man who was driven to become a powerful Hollywood force, but of course, reality wasn’t supporting his ambition. He used every con and scam he could think of to raise money, cut corners, exploit women, and further his own needs, often at the expense of others. In The Creep Behind the Camera, reenactments and interviews take us inside the film’s production and inside the life of the madman behind the scenes. If you thought the monster in The Creeping Terror was off the wall, just wait until you witness the madness of Vic Savage.

Entertainment Value: A blend of melodramatic reenactments, interviews, and film footage, The Creep Behind the Camera is an interesting look into the madness that took place behind the scenes of The Creeping Terror. I had read some stories about Savage, but never expected the level of shadiness that emerges in this movie, as it paints quite a dark, vivid picture. The reenactments are very campy and over the top, but fun to watch in most scenes. The performances are on par with those in The Creeping Terror, which is to say melodramatic at best, but I have to think the acting was dialed up on purpose. Josh Phillips devours scenes with his relentless performance, hamming it up on a grand scale that does the b movie legacy proud. Of course, the silly performances do dampen the dramatic impact of the craziness involved. This isn’t often an issue, but some scenes do involve serious, harmful elements, so seeing them camped up so much does detract to an extent. The interviews are mostly with those connected with either The Creeping Terror or Savage himself, so they provide great first hand insights. The scenes with his ex wife were powerful and memorable, as she described the strange things her husband did and how they damaged her psyche. If you have an interest in film and how movies are made, this provides an interesting take on the business, which likely isn’t as one of a kind as it should be. The lengths people will go to for power and success are sometimes frightening and that was certainly the case with Vic Savage.

A few shots of Savage’s bare ass as he parades in front a mirror, deep inside his own dark delusions. A couple sex scenes pop up, but no actual nakedness is ever shown outside of Savage’s rear end. A little blood at times, such as when a gun blows a hole in the hand of Alfalfa from the Little Rascals, but it isn’t overly graphic. Violence is often discussed and sometimes shown, but it remains mostly tame as far as what is actually presented on screen. The dialogue is humorous, between the wild stories told in the interviews and the campy banter in the reenactments. Savage’s boldness often leads to wild moments and Phillips’ performance milks all the melodrama, so it is quite fun to watch at times. Perhaps not a lot of big, memorable or quotable lines, but consistently campy dialogue in this one. In terms of craziness, Savage is indeed a madman and the tales of his madness are quite a ride. This is another prime example of truth being stranger than fiction.

Nudity: 1/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 4/10

Overall Insanity: 5/10

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