Plot: Sarah (Sierra McCormick) has just arrived at college, ready to begin her journey to becoming a skilled programmer. She has little interest in parties and social ascension, as she just wants to focus on her studies. But her mother was a Psi Kappa, so she agrees to at least give the sorority a quick look before she passes. As it turns out, the girls of Psi Kappa aren’t the stereotypical sorority sisters, instead they’re driven and ambitious, so Sarah decides to pledge after all. Psi Kappa leader Daisy (Cassidy Gifford) takes Sarah under her wing and to show her how being a sister has perks, she gets Sarah into a class that full and impossible to get into. Soon Sarah is all in as a Psi Kappa, enjoying the life of a sister and the benefits that come with that. But soon Daisy begins to get a little over the top in her demands, with a special focus on Sarah. Will Sarah’s perks wind up cost her way more than she ever imagined?

Entertainment Value: Lifetime knows how to rock college drama and in Sorority Nightmare, we get sadistic sorority girls and more. Daisy is a great character, a hyper driven female who does whatever she has to to ensure results, regardless of who gets hurt in the process. Her lust for control is insane, as witnessed as she preys upon her own sorority sisters and anyone else in her path. She makes for an effective contrast with Sarah, an awkward and more passive archetype, so the two have a good back and forth as time passes. The movie has other roles of course, but the film is driven by Sarah and by turn, how Daisy handles her. Cassidy Gifford is a lot of fun as the sadistic Daisy, but Sierra McCormick just feels out of place here. She doesn’t embrace the melodrama and that dampens the overall movie, given how prominent her role is. Also of note are a hard ass coding teacher, a clueless dean, and Sarah’s mother, who is treated like trash throughout. The drama level here is high, as Daisy rarely relents and escalates her antics, only for the film to take a mostly unexpected turn toward the finale. So plenty of mean girl talk, melodrama, and all we expect from Lifetime. If you’re a fan of the college set Lifetime movies, give this one a look.

No nakedness. No blood. Unless you count a diet pill overdose, the violence in this one is tame and infrequent. Daisy rules through fear, which means she doesn’t have to flex to keep her girls in line. The dialogue is fun, with the kind of mean girl banter you’d expect, especially from Daisy. She shames and abuses the girls with glee, making one girl eat a cigarette when she is caught smoking. The sheer need for control is palpable and leads Daisy to make some bold moves, trashing people to their face and using an iron fist to bend her sisters to her will. Aside from Daisy, the writing takes a more grounded approach, so not much else to mention. But she is an epic Lifetime style character, so she alone keeps things interesting in this area. Again, Daisy is the main force of wackiness, just by her incredibly bold social tactics and refusal to budge even an inch when she is pushed a little. The melodrama is thick as well, but really Daisy is earning these crazy points all by herself.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 4/10

Overall Insanity: 2/10

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