Plot: Amelia (Victoria Konefal) is a good student with a promising track career, she’s good enough to perhaps win a scholarship and head to a great college. But while she works hard to do well, she works even harder to leave her past behind her, as she has a dark secret. Two years ago, her life was much different and instead of books and track, she preferred drugs and alcohol. She was out of control and with her best friend at her side, got into all kinds of trouble and seemed to be headed for a downward spiral. One night when the girls were tanked up, they took a drive in the country and got into a bad accident, in which Amelia’s friend was killed. She has been haunted by her friend’s death since, while the girl’s parents have hounded her to the point that she had to get an order of protection. Despite her positive turnaround, even her own mother doubts she has truly changed, but Amelia is determined to prove herself. But when a new student peaks her interest, a strange person appears around her house, and her boyfriend is arrested, can Amelia cope with all this pressure?

Entertainment Value: This one seems to have all the potential for Lifetime greatness, with a stalker, mother/daughter drama, and of course, a dark secret, but The Wrong Crush is too restrained to take advantage. The movie has bright spots where the drama breaks through, especially toward the finale, but it never gives itself over to the wild melodrama. The result is a solid movie by Lifetime standards, but one that just can’t compete with the channel’s craziest flicks. The cast keeps things mostly serious, in controlled performances that don’t embrace the drama. So while Richard Hoyos is passable as our mysterious new guy on campus, he doesn’t have the uber creepiness or menace I’d like to see. The scenes between Amelia and her mother have the same issue, as there is obvious heated drama there, but the movie pulls back and refuses to uncork the madness. Vivica A. Fox is given top billing, but she has a minor role at best, so if you’re interested because of her, just keep in mind that she has a background role with little screen time. I suppose if you prefer more laid back Lifetime movies, then this one will fill that slot nicely. But I wanted more memorable mayhem, especially with cult legend David DeCoteau behind the camera.

No nakedness. Just an awkward failed seduction attempt that elicits some cringe, which is always fun. No blood either, but we do get a wild scene where a guy is stun gunned and taken hostage, so there’s that. The dialogue isn’t bad, but doesn’t often provide the kind of stuff we expect from Lifetime movies. So not much cattiness or drama really, despite the obvious potential to mine those elements. The mother/daughter scenes alone could have yielded immense levels of high melodrama, but the writing chooses to keep it simple and straight. Of course, some viewers will appreciate this I assume, as not all audiences love wild dramatic exchanges. No craziness here, as the movie plays it safe and doesn’t bust out the Lifetime drama. I do wish it did, as it has all the right tools to do so, but it is what it is. Not a bad Lifetime flick, but just too normal to compete with the best in the genre.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 0/10

Overall Insanity: 0/10

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