Plot: Julie (Samantha Keller) goes to an audition, hoping to land a role in a small budget, indie zombie movie. As soon as she arrives, things feel a little off and one of the crew members seems a tad unstable. Max (Dylan Jake-Price) is very animated and seems eager to test Julie’s limits, while his colleague Joe (Jason Impey) is more reserved and seems focused on the movie itself. Soon Max begins to make strange requests of Julie, like asking her to perform oral sex on a banana and pretend it is a rotten zombie dick, which creeps her out. When she seems hesitant to cooperate with his demands, he looses it and smashes her in the head with a camera. As she lies on the floor, Max convinces Joe it is time to abandon the zombie concept and instead, make a snuff movie. As Joe remains behind the cameras and tries to capture usable footage, Max unleashes a torrent of violence and humiliation on Julie. Will she be able to somehow escape or is she destined to be the star of this horrific snuff movie?

Entertainment Value: Fluid Boy is an interesting concept, with just three actors and most of the movie happens in a single room. This is not an easy approach to make work, but the movie pulls it off, thanks to some memorable performances. Dylan Jake-Price plays our villain of sorts, uncorking all manner of abuse upon the captive actress, doing it all with a gleeful, over the edge enthusiasm. This is not someone who hesitates or feels conflicted about his actions, instead Max embraces the sadistic actions and the actor behind the character brings that to life well. He seems quite unbalanced and that was needed, given the wild behavior of the character. Director Jason Impey plays Joe, the more restrained, cinema minded side of the duo, while Samantha Keller is the victim of the filmmakers’ sick production. You have to give credit to Keller, as she endures a lot in the movie and her performance is strong, her fear seems credible and the panic is where it needs to be. This kind of content is obviously not going to appeal to everyone, but I think it is well made and packs a nice twisted punch. For fans of outsider cinema, snuff cinema, and more extreme films, Fluid Boy is recommended.

The actress is topless for most of the final scene, as well as showing some bare ass, but she’s face down in a pool of blood, so eroticism is questionable. The level of naked flesh might be low, but the movie has a violent, sexual tone throughout, so keep that in mind if you’re easily offended. The same holds true of the blood aspect, as the finale holds most of the bloodshed, but the movie is consistently aggressive in tone. Julie is slapped around, groped, beaten, pissed on, verbally abused, and has both semen and shit smeared all over her face, not to mention having her hand carved off. So the blood might be limited, but this is a dark, violent movie, so don’t let the low gore score throw you off in perception. The dialogue is out of control, with Max being a goldmine of outrageous, offensive lines. His early interactions with Julie are just insane, then slow down a little as he turns to more actions than words. The manic style performance amplifies the wild nature of the writing, so this one just has some crazy moments. I don’t know that you’d want to quote the lines often, but a lot of them are quite memorable. In terms of craziness, we have the off the rails presence of Max, the whole snuff angle, and some brutal, sadistic abuse, so it earns some solid points.

Nudity: 1/10

Blood: 2/10

Dialogue: 5/10

Overall Insanity: 6/10

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