Plot: Allie (Stefanie Scott) works hard in and out of school, trying to keep her grades up, her track skills on point, and pull shifts at her mother’s restaurant. But with so much to do and only so much time, her school work has started to slip and now, she faces being tossed off the track team as a result. She was supposed to have the weekend off to catch up on her studies, but now she is waiting tables and her stress levels have shot through the roof. But she does have one bright spot, a handsome older man who has spent some time with her lately and tonight, he and his friends even came into the restaurant, which led to a hidden make out session. Of course, her mom discovered the two kissing in the closet, but it was fun while it lasted. But when Allie leaves early and then seems to vanish, who is behind her disappearance?

Entertainment Value: A cheating husband, a misguided teenage girl, and a crazed, violent wife? This has Lifetime written all over it and Caught delivers on the usual Lifetime tropes, with melodrama, over the top performances, and dysfunction on all fronts. The premise is a simple one, as a woman discovers his husband is having an affair with a high school girl, then decides to kidnap her to teach her a lesson, but of course, things don’t go as planned. Anna Camp plays the betrayed, control freak wife and really carries the movie, as she is wild and unhinged, letting the perfect wife facade crumble in front of our eyes. Her effort here is prime Lifetime style, over the top and overloaded with melodrama, a terrific off the rails female that is always right on the brink of a total shutdown. Stefanie Scott is also memorable as the teen girl caught in the middle of this failing marriage, but she plays things a little too controlled, avoiding some epic potential clashes with Camp’s character. The story is told out of sequence in order to make the most of the various twists and turns, so the tension is consistent and once things kick off, the movie doesn’t slow down much. So this ends up as a brisk, fun bit of dysfunction that Lifetime fans should appreciate.

No nakedness. This is a Lifetime movie, so hoping for a desperate lesbian scene between the teen mistress and jilted wife is fruitless. Some blood does creep in, but not much and the violence is never graphic. There’s a quick stab scene, a tumble down the stairs, a fiery finale, and some mild torture, but no real wild bloodshed. The dialogue is typical melodrama, but even with Camp’s wild performance, not many memorable lines manage to pop up. Most of the cast plays it tight, which doesn’t give Camp a lot to play off of and that limits the crazed dialogue, I think. But Camp’s general manic presence does make enough of the writing to earn one point. Aside from the descent into madness by our spurned wife, this one doesn’t come off as all that wild. The melodrama and craziness all center on her, so she deserves a couple points, but I do wish the rest of the movie was up to that same level of dysfunction.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 1/10

Overall Insanity: 2/10

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