Plot: Betty (Jessica Zwolak) is a beautiful woman with a great personality and a strong work ethic, but she is consistently overlooked by those around her. At work, she is passed over for promotion after promotion, despite being a better worker than those who are moved up the ladder. Her home life isn’t much better, as her boyfriend has little to no interest in her and is oblivious to her needs. This lack of attention is due to her small breasts and while she thinks her boobs are fine, everyone around her is obsessed with huge racks and values breast size over all else. Tired of being ignored, she makes a rash decision and visits Dr. Cate Thulu (Debbie Rochon) to pursue breast enlargement surgery. But little does Betty know that Dr. Thulu happens to be a servant of the elder gods and in need of a vessel to bring about the world’s enslavement and of course, Betty is a prime candidate to be that vessel. Soon she has the breasts and all the attention she can handle, but her boyfriend dumps her, she has odd black outs, and people start to turn up dead around her. Is she just the victim of unfortunate circumstances or are her breasts a signal that the world will soon fall into darkness?

Entertainment Value: A horror/comedy about breast implants possessed by an elder god is quite a premise, with Killer Rack opting to focus much more on the humor side than the horror elements. So if you’re here for the horror aspect, you might be a little let down, as this one is a comedy through and through. The sense of humor is broad and varied, from bad puns to dad jokes to movie cliches to exaggerated stereotypes, with mostly campy performances involved. So this is a wacky, slapstick style of humor and of course, how effective it is depends on your sense of humor. I found that some of the jokes worked, but others were lackluster and with the constant rapid fire of gags, you know some are just bound to fall flat. The cast embraces the silly nature of the material, with Debbie Rochon camping it up in grand fashion, as well as Lloyd Kaufman being his usual over the top self. The lead here is Jessica Zwolak and she does well, with a nice mix of awkwardness and comedic sense. As for the horror aspect, no real scares or even attempts, just some gore and the whole elder god driven premise. The horror/comedy blend is a tough formula to get right and while Killer Rack doesn’t nail it, it does have some effective moments. The humor is inconsistent, but as I said, enough works to keep it more than watchable. So if you appreciate silly, slapstick style humor mixed with a little blood, give it a shot.

A hot tub scene gives us our lone nakedness, a quick topless shot that serves to show us the evils of falsies. The actual Killer Rack itself is sadly not real, a mix of practical and CGI effects. You might expect a movie that is so obsessed with breasts to be flooded with them, but that’s not the case. On the blood front, we have some nice bloodshed here and a finale that unleashes the titular Killer Rack. The perils of CGI do show up, with some poorly done effects that distract more than entertain, but most of the effects seem to be practical. The gore is mostly humorous in tone, so we have rubber limb type kills while blood spurts in heavy doses. The finale has a minor flood of the red stuff, but doesn’t give us much actual kinetic violence. So you see showers of blood (and milk), but the gore isn’t depicted on screen. I only mention this because while the movie has a lot of blood, the score won’t be high and that’s because much of the carnage happens out of our view and we just see the squirts of crimson. The tentacles are a lowlight for the effects, but thankfully they’re a brief part of the movie. The dialogue is a mixed bag, with a lot of puns, dad jokes, and cliches, some of which are hilarious and others that make you cringe. As I said above, given the constant flow of jokes, not all are going to land and I think a decent amount of the dialogue works. In terms of craziness, the premise is a wild one, but the movie doesn’t run with that concept. The zany humor occupies so much of the movie, some of the premise’s potential is ignored. Even so, it deserves a point for the creative concept, but I do wonder how insane Killer Rack could have been with a slightly different approach.

Nudity: 1/10

Blood: 4/10

Dialogue: 3/10

Overall Insanity: 1/10

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