Plot: Delaine (Ashley Jones) has tried to be a good wife, but after years of being pushed aside by her husband, she has hit a breaking point. While she longed for affection and attention, her husband was out giving just that to another woman, which pushed her over the edge. Now she wants a divorce and per her friends demands, she has tapped into online dating to find some fun. She meets a nice man and enjoys a brisk fling, but later learns he too is a cheater at heart. But she soon encounters a man known as The Duke, who wants to explore a dom/sub relationship with Delaine and in the process, unlock her inner strength as a woman. Of course, she is timid since her experiences have been quite limited, but she is receptive to his long distance requests. Soon she is having a passionate relationship with a much younger man, all while taking direction from The Duke and feeling her sexuality blossom. But will she ever meet The Duke and if so, will it live up to her wild expectations?

Entertainment Value: While Fifty Shades of Grey is like kink watered down for the masses, this Lifetime movie is like a watered down version of that, to make it more acceptable for a television audience. So if you want wild kink and crazy sex stories, this isn’t going to deliver on that front. Delaine explores some very basic, very tame kinks that might titillate the uninitiated, but mostly come off as what it is, an inexperienced woman getting a slight taste of another world. As it is a Lifetime movie, the sex is never shown and even the lingo used remains tame, but that is kind of unavoidable, given the target of a television audience involved. For instance, the most kink on showcase is when she is told she isn’t to wear panties…so yeah. But for a Lifetime movie, it is at least a change of pace of wife beating and teen prostitutes, so on that side, you have to give it some credit. The performances are fine, but The Duke is such an obvious Christian Grey knock-off it is a little awkward to watch. So there’s some unintended humor, from that and how badly the writing wants to have this erotic edge, but plays more like content only a virgin would be shocked by. In the end, this just doesn’t offer enough drama or edge to keep up with Lifetime’s standard for entertainment. It is a brisk watch and isn’t bad per se, but I think Lifetime movies should aim to deliver on the network’s core strengths, which this one doesn’t. So unless you’re a diehard Lifetime movies devotee, this one is safe to skip.

No nakedness. But come on, this is Lifetime, so you already knew graphic sexual content was off the table. You do get to hear some tame sex talk treated as if it is some deep, dark secret though, which is fun to watch. “A sub? OMG!” No blood either, as the kink never rolls off the deep end into that level of exploration. But again, I doubt anyone expects a Lifetime movie to explore pain/pleasure dynamics to that extent. The dialogue is mostly forgettable, but it is humorous to hear such basic sex lingo treated like its controversial, as if a prude has learned not wearing panties is some forbidden pleasure. So from that angle, the dialogue does offer some fun moments and The Duke is a huge pile of cringe, so that adds to the fun as well. But overall, the drama is never dialed up to a wild level, so the writing is passable, but pretty bland. In terms of craziness, this one remains at such a tame level, you’ll never bat an eye. I suppose that is a little crazy itself, given this is supposed to be a tale of sexual self discovery and what not, but honestly, this one keeps things nice and vanilla.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 2/10

Overall Insanity: 0/10

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