Entertainment Value: Crippled by Desire is an alternate version of Bill Zebub’s Loving a Vegetable, but this review covers only the Crippled by Desire cut of the movie, which runs about 94 minutes. This is an odd one, even by Zebub’s bizarre standards, as three women are raped and abused by an overly calm, but straight to the point assailant who brings immense creepiness to the role. This plays like a fetish film you’d custom order out of the back of a magazine, with some very specific, twisted situations that push the envelope on creepiness. So if you’re looking for traditional narrative, this one might not fill that need. But Crippled by Desire does have a strange vibe and some odd content, so from a cult cinema perspective, it has a lot to offer. The lead looks like an office worker and that adds a lot to the role, as he doesn’t seem like a super creep, but once he lets out that inner creeper, his performance is solid. He delivers his line in lifeless, deadpan style and while it does add some offbeat humor to the role, it also makes even more of a slimy dude, which again benefits the role. The ladies involved are passable, but they don’t have much to work with, as our rapist handles most of the dialogue. This is a tough one to recommend, as it is very non traditional and likely to offend most viewers, but I do think fans of Zebub’s films and outsider cinema should check it out.

The women in this one get naked fast and stay naked, so there’s pretty much constant nudity and the camera is never shy. As is the usual for Zebub’s movies, this includes close up, vivid full frontal nudity that leaves nothing to the imagination. So if you’re offended by graphic nakedness, you will likely short circuit here. The actual sex is tame and nothing is shown, just a guy with his pants on dry humping while delivering some epic tier creep dialogue. No blood. No real violence at all really, just some implied murder toward the finale. The dialogue is outrageous levels of creepy stalker shit, which is just what this kind of material needs. The dude just oozes slime he’s so gross, like when he tells the handicapped girl he’s been ass fucking her without her knowledge while she discusses her future plans. Certain to make your skin crawl, so the dialogue earns some solid points. In terms of craziness, the movie puts up some points here too, thanks to the overall creep factor and some odd moments. Not to mention the movie is like drunk with slow motion. There’s a scene where the perv gropes a victim in slow motion for like no shit ten minutes, while the camera pans down to her crotch, so we can witness her moisture progression. But the slow motion is consistent and heavy, which makes the weird scenes even more uncomfortable. The guy sings the ABCs song while he rapes a girl, then makes small talk about where she’d like to move to, so yeah this one has some wacky moments.

Nudity: 10/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 6/10

Overall Insanity: 5/10

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