Plot: A pair of criminals are on the run from police, trying to evade detection and make it across the border. While they seem to be mostly in the clear, a plan is hatched to give them even better odds of success, as a hostage would give them a little insurance in case they were tracked down. Both men are hardened criminals, but one of them has a little more taste for suffering and has plans for the potential hostage beyond merely using them to ensure an escape. Meanwhile, Carmel (Amber Lee) is lamenting the state of her love life and has been enjoying some nights out with her girlfriends. She soon winds up in the crosshairs of our crooks on the run, because after all, if you’re going to take a hostage, why not take a beautiful one, right? So she is made the target, all the while one of them plots what kind of sick, depraved things he wants to do to her, before they dump her after her usefulness has passed. Will Carmel be used and abused by these vicious thugs, or will the crooks get a lot more than they bargained for?

Entertainment Value: This film has several versions, but for this review, I am discussing the 61 minute cut known as Sex Slave. This version has the most graphic sexual content, at the cost of some narrative depth. The narrative here is fairly simple, as two thugs are on the run from the law and think a hostage would be a great insurance policy, but one of them wants to take the situation to another level. This is a dark, often brutal movie and I’m certain a lot of folks would be horrified and flee, but around here, this kind of outsider cinema is just what we want. This is micro budget, true independent cinema, so the effects are a little off and the performances are wild, but that is all part of the charm. Former porn star Amber Lee has to perform in some trying moments, but she does well and has good presence in her more traditional scenes. The two thugs are fine in their roles, as they come off as raw and unrefined, which works well for the characters. You’ll need an appreciation for graphic, dark indie cinema for this one, but I found it to be a wild, worthwhile picture. A blend of dark humor, erotica, and revenge thriller, Sex Slave is never afraid to push the envelope and that results in a fairly one of a kind movie. This is obviously not going to appeal to everyone, but fans of dark, indie horror or outsider cinema should find a lot to like here.

This review covers the 61 minute version of the movie, which includes some quite graphic moments of nakedness. Lee breaks into some furious masturbation on more than one occasion, with nothing left to the imagination. So you see it all, in vivid view and the camera never shies from the situation. This includes some hand-jinks, a dildo session, and a shower muff rub. She’s also naked in other scenes, like when she is eaten out in a public bathroom and raped in the woods. So plenty of nakedness here, shown in full detail and as such, it earns full points. The blood doesn’t flow in rivers, but we have some nice moments of bloodshed. The zombie opening scene provides some flesh ripping and viscera munching, which is always fun. Then we have some fights and other violence, but none yield a lot of the red stuff. But the dark tone and frequent violence ensure things are always teetering on the brink. The dialogue is outrageous and a lot of fun to watch, especially as the two thugs banter back and forth, with profane exchanges that never fail to entertain. Lee also has some humorous moments, as she girl talks with her friends and seduces one of them in the bathroom. In terms of craziness, Sex Slave pretty much comes out of the gates insane and never slows down. The bizarre zombie opening scene, the graphic sexual content, frequent violence, and outlandish dialogue all combine to make this one wild, fucked up movie. This version also includes the infamous gun rape sequence, which is just insane by itself.

Note: As there are multiple versions of this movie out there, I wanted to take a minute to run down the ones I’m aware of. The original cut that runs just over 50 minutes is known as Escaped Convicts and Tortured, which cuts a lot of the sexual content, while a 77 minute known as Psychopaths also removes some of the sexual content, but expands on the narrative. This cut offers a subplot where the thugs are pursued by two cops and this is the preferred cut of the filmmaker, Jason Impey. So choose wisely, each seems to have a reason to check out, so maybe watch them all!

Nudity: 10/10

Blood: 5/10

Dialogue: 6/10

Overall Insanity: 10/10

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