Plot: Lisa Brennon (Angela Dixon) is on vacation in Morocco, a chance to relax and unwind with her baby daughter. But no sooner does she arrive than she starts to feel unease with these surroundings, after all, she knows no one here and feels quite out of place. But after some unnecessary panic moments, she lets her guard down and tries to enjoy some time on the beach. Here a man approaches and starts a conversation, during which another man grabs the baby and runs off into the crowded streets. Lisa takes off after him and when a man tries to stop her, she takes him down and accidentally knocks him in front of a truck, killing him. She can’t stop her pursuit however, as the bag he carried just had a melon, not her child. So she continues her chase and in the meanwhile, local law enforcement learns of the situation and begins to track her down, as she was involved in a public death. As she pursues the kidnappers, she also now has to evade police, but will she ever reach her daughter in time?

Entertainment Value: Never Let Go is marketed as a female spin on Taken, which isn’t an inaccurate description. A government trained, highly skilled woman pursues the men who kidnapped her daughter, with a nice blend of action and thriller elements. I liked that the movie establishes a little exposition, then kicks things into high gear right off the bat, then rarely slows down. The narrative unfolds in small bursts, in the rare chances Lisa has to catch her breath in her pursuit. So the pace is brisk and the action is pretty consistent, as Lisa has to battle the bad guys, the police, and even bystanders who try to cut off her chase. The locals have no idea she has lost a child, so they think she is just a killer on the run, which means Lisa has no refuge to seek out and is all alone in this foreign place. How she tries to navigate the situation provides some good moments, such as a run-in at an internet cafe. She is not a bad person, but stand between her and her child, and you’re in trouble. Dixon is quite good in the lead role, conveying the inner strife of her loss, but also having that bad ass side that ensures all of her various action scenes are effective. She has strong presence and really carries Never Let Go, so her work here is impressive. In the end, this is a pretty solid action/thriller that fans of the genre should check out.

No nakedness. This one has some bloodshed, including some colorful closeups of Lisa’s various wounds. One scene has a nice gruesome, up close shot of a gaping wound being sewn shut, for example. Also a cool scene where Lisa kicks a guy into the path of a truck, getting him crushed under the wheels. The various fights yield some blood as well, though nothing all that graphic. The action is frequent however, between fist fights, chases, and gun fights this one packs a nice punch. The tone here is serious and the dialogue reflects that, with no real camp or wild lines. But some great hard ass lines from Lisa, so those are often fun. She is a total bad ass, like a female juggernaut, unable to stop until she gets to where she needs to be. The craziness is minimal, given that the movie stays within action/thriller guidelines for the most part. But the sheer bad ass presence of Dixon’s performance earns a point, I think.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 2/10

Dialogue: 1/10

Overall Insanity: 1/10

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