Plot: Mimi (Florence Henderson) is the kind of woman who will do anything for her friends, even if it means going to extremes. When her friend is being forced out of her home by her crooked son-in-law, Mimi takes action and marches down to confront him, with a gun in her purse. When he won’t listen to reason, she draws the gun and hopes to scare him into submission, but he tries to grab the weapon and in the tussle, he winds up shot. She calls her friends and soon, the corpse is chopped into pieces and stored in a deep freeze. After all, the ladies know that if there’s no body, then its a missing person case, not a murder. But as it turns out, the son-in-law was in deep with a lowlife criminal named Harry (Judge Reinhold), who is owed a lot of money and was promised the house of Mimi’s friend. So he kidnaps her friend and holds her for ransom, forcing Mimi and her friends to once again come up with a wild plan. Can Mimi and her friends outwit the criminal and with a local lawman snooping around and asking questions, can Mimi keep herself out of prison?

Entertainment Value: In her final lead role, Florence Henderson masterminds a murder cover up and plays a strong willed, quick minded character. In cinema, older women are often portrayed as weak or feeble, but in Bad Grandmas, these ladies are tough and don’t roll over for anyone. A few cliches about the elderly are used, like being behind the times and such, but overall, this movie doesn’t lean on tired tropes about age, which is a nice surprise. As the title suggests, the old ladies in this movie aren’t the usual grandmas, what with all the murder, dismemberment, and talking about porn made by the elderly for the elderly, right? While not as foul mouthed as Dirty Grandpa, the movie does push a little and it is always fun to see sweet old ladies get a little raunchy, though as I said, it is reeled in so don’t expect wild, over the top stuff. The humor is solid, keeping in mind this is aimed at a more broad, mainstream audience. Henderson turns in a good performance here, as she is able to do some questionable things, but still retain that sweet old lady presence. The cast also includes Pam Grier and Judge Reinhold, who are fine, but Grier isn’t given much to do. I think this one is decent fun if you’re into more mainstream style comedies, as it has an interesting premise and some good performances.

No nakedness. There is a reference to elderly porn, but no sex in this one, so if you wanted some intimate wrinkles on showcase, no such luck here. There’s some blood, but not a lot. A gun shot, a stabbing, and dismemberment all unfold, but most of the blood comes from off screen. It is still hilarious to watch old ladies sort out the proper method to chainsaw a corpse into pieces, however. Given the broad tone of the movie, the lack of blood is never an issue. The dialogue is passable and has some memorable moments, but overall takes a more broad approach to the humor. The few scenes where the ladies go a little dark, the writing shines and stands out. But this is aimed at a wide audience, so you can tell the filmmakers didn’t want to go overly dark. So while the humor is well handled and the dialogue is mostly solid, it doesn’t have the craziness we score here. The premise is a little crazy, with sweet old ladies chopping up a corpse and what not, but aside from some minor dark moments, this one never gets that wild.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 2/10

Overall Insanity: 2/10