Plot: A trio of friends head to a remote island, as a big game is coming up and this retreat should help relax and clear their minds. But a little hunting proves to be a bad idea, when one of them is killed by a pack of giant wasps, though the others didn’t see the attack, so they’re baffled as to how he died. When Morgan (Marjoe Gortner) runs to a nearby house to summon help, he discovers a massive rooster and is attacked, though he fights off the huge cock. The woman at the house refuses to lend any assistance, so the surviving friends return to the ferry to get some help, then return back home and leave the island behind. But when they learn their friend died from high levels of wasp venom, they go back to the island, as Morgan wants to clear out the wasps. At the same time, a businessman and his assistant ventures to the aforementioned house, as it is home to a special natural substance that when consumed, causes animals to grow to immense sizes, as seen in the wasps and chickens. But when a horde of rats ingests the food and becomes an oversized menace, will anyone survive?

Entertainment Value: As a big fans of when animals attack and similar eco-horror pictures, I’ve always had a soft spot for The Food of the Gods. One reason this one stands out is how off the wall the lead is, as Morgan is not the typical hero in any way shape or form. He has no interest in saving lives or really even being alive himself, it would seem, based on his decisions. His actions are so strange, even the other characters call out his nonsense. Morgan puts the others in constant danger so that he can prove his tough guy nature, which of course costs the lives of many of the characters, including his two close friends. He even turns down a beautiful woman who asks for some sex before she is eaten by giant rats, this guy is a real trip. The other main draw is of course the special effects, from the silly rooster attack to the swarming rats, not to mention Ida Lupino fighting off huge maggots. This is just silly, camp fun, though the use of real rats is bound to unnerve some viewers. Between the special effects, hilariously dumb hero, and the overall high camp value, The Food of the Gods is prime drive-in cheese and earns a solid recommendation.

No nakedness. I mean, the hero has a chance to score with a hot chick before impending death and he’s like, nah. What a jerk. The movie does provide some bloodshed however, mostly from various rat attacks. This means biting, gnawing, tearing, and such, though never in a graphic method. Just some bright red blood splashing around as people are attacked by the assorted huge animals. A lot of fun dialogue here, including some tough guy talk from our hero, business acumen lessons, discussions of the legal ownership of giant wasps, and most of the characters asking how the hero could be such a dumb ass, among other topics. Not a wealth of home run type quotable lines, but a few are here, just consistently fun exchanges. The craziness here is solid, after all we do have a man fist fighting a giant rooster. But the real craziness is how dumb these people are, like the guy who tells his wife to leave the safety of an RV to check out a vicious oversized rat or our hero, who seems to lack even a minor level of common sense. So we have dumb people and massive animals, quite a wacky combination.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 3/10

Dialogue: 5/10

Overall Insanity: 5/10

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