Plot: On the eve of their inauguration, three space princesses indulge in some space combat with their arch enemies. You know, to pass the time and have a few laughs, before taking control of the galactic throne. However, their evil space stepmother has other plans, as she wishes to seize the power and not hand it over to these bikini clad airheads. With the help of her robotic assistant, a science officer, and some puppet aliens, she is able to conjure up a most diabolic plan, one that will erase the girls from her life forever. She tricks the princesses into flying into a black hole, which then sends them back in time. Now the girls are stuck in a prehistoric nightmare, in a world that is filled with dangerous dinosaurs. Can they survive, find a way to back to the future, and still have time for some dance breaks?

Entertainment Value: This one runs just under an hour and that is good news, as it is paper thin and barely supports that duration. But the title doesn’t lie, as the movie does indeed centers on bikini girls who encounter dinosaurs, though I wouldn’t call it a fight to the finish. The girls use cheese and cheers to survive the dinosaur battles, not action hero tactics. This is about as low budget as cinema gets, with amateur performers, no set pieces whatsoever, and some of the worst digital effects I’ve ever seen. This isn’t just bad CGI, this is the kind of stuff SyFy would have balked at in the 90s, like Windows Paint space scenes and generic video game asset dinosaurs. But this is a ridiculous comedy that never aspires to do more than provide a few laughs, so I’m sure they know those horrid effects will get a chuckle or groan. The humor is broad and mostly cringe level stuff, so your appreciation for the movie will likely depend on your tolerance for terrible jokes and lame performances. I can’t say I cherished my time with this one, but it was brisk and at least it delivered on the title, right?

No nakedness. This is where perhaps the movie could have shined, but we are stuck with just the promised bikini girls. Given the pretty much family friendly content, perhaps boobs would have gone against the intent. But the only thing that makes terrible CGI dinosaurs better is of course, bare breasts. No blood either, which makes sense as the movie has no violence. The dialogue is like dad jokes and painfully unfunny almost vaudeville type humor. This is bound to entertain some, so if you revel in the cringe from awkwardly horrible humor, there’s value in that. The girls were cute, but the writing in this wasn’t even bad in a fun way, it was just plain bad. Aside from the low rent effects and wholesome content, no real craziness. I mean feeding cheese to a T-Rex sounds cool and all, but no. Just no.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 0/10

Overall Insanity: 1/10

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