Plot: Detective Harry Harris is engaged man, skilled police officer, and overall nice guy, but he simply can’t keep his lustful urges under control. This leads the countless flings and one night stands, but his latest dalliance is one that threatens to cost him more than he ever imagined. After he finishes up his sexual business, he is surprised to learn that he was performing for a crowd, as some people were hiding in a closet and filmed the entire session, no less. He is told to follow orders or his indiscretions will be revealed, so he rides along to a remote base, where he discovers these people have even more films of his various infidelities. This leads to a blackmail situation, but he has no cash, so the group demands that he uses his connections in the police department to keep their white slavery ring out of legal trouble. But even then, surprises continue and Harry finds himself in quite a pickle…

Entertainment Value: You know a movie is going to be odd when the lead is named Harry Harris, right? This one is a lot of fun, shifting gears between trying to be a little serious and going outlandish, which might be bad for some viewers, but I think it just added even more fun to this one. The performances are wooden and that makes the harsh dialogue even better, delivered in such deadpan style really makes it seem like sociopaths tormenting each other. I do love dysfunction, so it was fun to soak in these mean spirited exchanges between self centered characters. The movie runs just over an hour and ten minutes, so it doesn’t overstay its welcome and the pace is brisk, with a good amount of kink and odd moments. Not a landmark piece of exploitation perhaps, but an entertaining movie and one genre fans should appreciate.

The girls get naked often here, so bask in the flesh and light kink. A little fetish kink here and there pops in, but none of the sex is graphic. So bare asses and breasts in good doses, with a plethora of beauties to admire. Also a few instances of man ass, for those who prefer a masculine derriere. Beware a cut version that circulates and runs under fifty minutes, as all of the nudity has been axed from that release. No blood, this one is all about the naked flesh, not violence. The dialogue offers a lot to fans of dysfunction and harsh exchanges, especially given how lifeless the performances are. Even in moments of high emotion, this case barely registers any tonal shift, which makes things all the more fun to watch. Some great lines and consistently fun dialogue, if you like mean spirited banter. Craziness here abounds at times, with brainwashing, electroshock torture, white slavery, a naked Arab man in desperate need of drugs, and more, not to mention the stilted performances and dialogue. A good amount of oddities in this one, to be sure. 

Nudity: 4/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 5/10

Overall Insanity: 5/10

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