Story: Unless you count your own personal tale of victory, Infinite Minigolf has no real story, just a lot of courses to explore. But you can write your own narratives, whether as a player, course creator, or course critic. So grab you putter and head to the first hole, Infinite Minigolf has finally landed.

Entertainment Value: I don’t play a lot of sports games, but I do like to partake in minigolf sessions, so this game was ideal for me. You choose your avatar, either male or female, then jump into action and choose a course. A “campaign” of sorts exists in the tournament mode, with three courses to choose from and you battle it out with some AI controlled opponents. This takes you through courses like a haunted graveyard, Santa’s workshop, and a house where you’ve been shrunk, just like the kids were, honey. The variety is excellent and each set of holes includes a mascot of some sort, who you can hit the ball to for a special animation. Once you’ve conquered the AI, you unlock the next course and eventually, you start to unlock higher difficulties. So even if you trounced the competition on easy, you’ll need to fine tune your putting skills if you want to beat every tier of challenge. But once you’ve mastered the pre-made courses, turn your attention toward the tidal wave of user created content. As the title implies, you can explore almost infinite courses, designed by the devs and other players, to challenge you in all new ways. So in essence, whenever you want to jump in, you can try a new hole and have no real concern about every playing the same one twice. Of course, quality varies, but such is the case with user created content.

However you pursue your golf greatness, you earn rewards to help you unlock new cosmetic items for your avatar. A list of challenges is always around, asking you to perform certain tasks such as using specific power-ups or nailing a long putt, which award stars and gold upon completion. The stars help you gain levels, while the gold allows you to purchase card packs. You get card packs for defeating your opponents in play, but these packs can pack more of a punch. So save up your coins if you want that cool shirt or quirky club. The cosmetic items are just for fun, but add some replay value and help it feel like you’re always inching toward another goal. The mechanics of the golf aspect of the game are sound, but this is minigolf, so don’t expect skill to always be the most important element. You might need more creative paths to success, especially since collecting jewels before you sink the shot increases your score. So to nab the jewels and stay in the lead, you will sometimes need to plot your course. The power-ups you can snag also help you out, letting you activate a special power one time, whenever you choose on the current course. Close to the hole, but missed by this much? Activate a magnet to suck you right back into the hole. Or boost your speed, rocket jump, or all kinds of other powerful items, to give yourself an edge. Colorful graphics also help, as this feels like minigolf and the course designs add to that texture, this is fun, silly minigolf at its best. If you’re a fan of minigolf games or love to design your own content, Infinite Minigolf is well recommended.

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