Plot: Angela (Gina Gershon) and her husband Brian (Nicolas Cage) are both doctors, but she has taken time off to raise their daughter, Cora. The two struggled to become parents, but used a donated egg to finally have a child. She is best friends with Linda (Natalie Eva Marie), who runs a Mommy & Me business and introduces her to Katie (Nicky Whelan), who also has a young daughter. Angela and Katie become fast friends and soon, Katie has moved into the guest house and serves as a part-time nanny when Angela returns to work. But tensions rise when Katie learns that Angela has asked Linda to carry her last donor egg, causing Katie to crack under the pressure. But what drives Katie to unleash a torrent of craziness and when she targets Angela with her wrath, will life ever be the same for anyone involved?

Entertainment Value: At first glace, Inconceivable is a run of the mill thriller with a crazy female on the warpath, but it also has some odd moments and some unintentional humor. This kind of thriller always has gaping plot holes, but this one doesn’t even bother to try to resolve these loose ends, instead just doing whatever is needed to move the narrative forward. I found it hilarious when characters would turn on a dime for no reason, such as the once suspicious mother-in-law who suddenly reverses all of her deep opinions with no motivation. The highlight of the nonsense however has to be Nicolas Cage, who is almost asleep in his performance. His character is essentially wallpaper, with no meaningful presence and he just shows up when the plot needs to advance, so I can’t blame him for phoning this one in. But the level of laziness is just epic, as he barely reacts to anything, even when his loved ones are threatened. Just an eyebrow shift is about as complex as Cage’s performance is here. I was impressed by Natale Eve Marie however, as she was a better actress than I had expected. This one is a pretty standard thriller by most accounts, but the laughable writing and Cage’s corpse performance add some extra spice.

A nice topless swim scene shows off Nicky Whelan’s impressive rack, while another scene has a naked woman drowned in a bathtub. So a couple topless scenes, but not a flood of naked flesh. There’s a twinge of blood, but not much. Some knife play leads to a couple wounds and a little red stuff. The movie has other violence however, such as a chick fight and a couple drownings, so those are fun. The dialogue is fine, nothing special, but not horrible. The plot makes no sense at times and makes some odd jumps, but the dialogue doesn’t reflect that wackiness. Cage’s deadpan performance makes some emotional moments seem wooden though, so there’s that. The craziness falls mostly on the lazy plot jumps and character shifts, so don’t expect wild shit to go down. Whelan is fine as the crazy bitch, but doesn’t ramp up her madness to epic levels. I do think Cage’s lazy performance deserves one point, as it is just outrageous that someone could put in so little effort.

Nudity: 2/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 1/10

Overall Insanity: 1/10

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