Plot: Destiny (Cristine Prosperi) is the cheer captain for the Rebels, the national champion cheerleading squad. But being at the top paints a big target and during a live performance, the Rebels find themselves upstaged by an invading group of masked cheer rivals. Known as The Truth, these mysterious cheer villains call out the Rebels and make an open challenge, which is then answered by countless cheer squad from all over the globe. So Destiny and her fellow Rebels are now cheersmacked by pretty much the entire world, to the point they lose social media follows and can’t even find any guys to perform with the squad. But Destiny hasn’t given up and with no other options, she recruits some street dancers and tries to come up with new routines, but her stubbornness drives off creativity and even her best friend. Can Destiny prove she is the cheer captain she knows she is, or has The Truth silenced the Rebels for good?

Entertainment Value: The Bring It On series has spawned numerous installments, known for excessive cheer-lingo and hot girls in cute outfits. This sequel, given the awkward subtitle of Worldwide #Cheersmack isn’t the best of the lot, but it does have beautiful girls and annoying cheer speak. I knew this would be some epic cringe when the movie kicks off with a group of emo, mime-like cheerleaders placed as the villains, but I still hoped for some fun eye candy at least. This honestly seems like an extended television pilot more than a movie, as the scope is small and the characters are so broad and one dimensional. Destiny is our lead and she is beautiful, but man, she is annoying and not a likable character. I wouldn’t have minded a bubble head or even a tyrannical cheer captain, but a passive aggressive, mostly deadpan cheerleader isn’t all that much fun to watch. I suppose Cristine Prosperi’s lifeless performance could be to blame, but who knows. A movie like this needs over the top, epic levels of bounciness and positive vibes, but this just lacks that kind of shine. In the end, all I wanted was some brisk fun with hot cheerleaders, but this sequel fails on both counts. Unless you’re a diehard cheer cinema fanatic, you can skip this one.

No nakedness. Some yoga pants and short shorts, but the eye candy is minimal for this kind of movie, for sure. I don’t think anyone expects full frontal nudity from a Bring It On movie, but the tease factor is low and that is a big part of some of the other films in this series. No blood. Which is good, since some of the girls cheer while wearing white shorts. The dialogue features a lot of the usual “put cheer into every word” lingo, but by this point, it is thinner than ever. I would have loved some quirky, perky girl talk or mean girl exchanges, but no such luck. These cheerleaders just don’t have the spark of charisma some of the other entries provided, which is a shame. Destiny’s dead eyed narcissism is kind of fun in a sick way, but not enough to balance out the dull, overly forgettable script. No real craziness whatsoever. Like I said, some colorful characters and quirky dialogue could have went a long way here, but the movie is content to bore us to death instead.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 0/10

Overall Insanity: 0/10

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