Plot: An evil threatens the world, as the nefarious Muscle King seeks to use the incredible power of breasts to further his crooked goals. This is because big, beautiful breasts are the source of one of the most powerful energies in the world, known as Pai Energy. When the forces of evil discover a young woman who has an impressive rack, she is kidnapped so her Pai Energy can be tapped. But she isn’t alone against these dark forces, as the Big Boob Squad: Sexy Rangers are on the scene and ready to channel the energies of their breasts for the good side. Soon the Sexy Rangers must battle a robotic unicorn called Uni Kong, the wicked Queen Amorous, and a robot with a camera face sent to uncover their real identities. This fight won’t be an easy one, but if anyone can defeat evil, its the Sexy Rangers!

Entertainment Value: If you couldn’t tell by now, Sexy Rangers is a rip-off of the Power Rangers, with an all female twist. Also known as Big Boob Squad, Sexy Rangers sounds like an erotic movie, but in truth, it is quite wholesome and never goes beyond some cleavage shots. Now the camera is sure to linger on the bouncing breasts of course, but there’s no nakedness or sexual content. Just a lot of focus on how powerful women’s breasts are, but come on, we all know that’s true, so its not like the movie is pushing some outlandish agenda. The movie remains faithful to the Power Rangers formula, with silly kaiju style creations, horrible but hilarious action scenes, and color coded outfits that look quite cool. So this honestly feels like an extended Power Rangers episode, just on some kind of odd narcotics. If you’re after just naked flesh, you’ll be let down, but the cuteness is off the charts and the movie is a lot of fun to watch. Not to mention it barely runs an hour, so its a brisk watch. If you think you’d like a wacky take on the Power Rangers formula, Sexy Rangers is overloaded with cuteness and offers solid fun from start to finish.

No nakedness. I am sure many viewers arrive in hopes of some Power Rangers fantasies coming true, but no such luck. As I’ve said, the girls in this one are super cute and show plenty of cleavage, but that’s all. I wouldn’t have minded of course, but the movie has such a wholesome, innocent feel (despite the breast obsession), it would really feel out of place here. No blood. There is some comic book style violence however, which delivers some piss poor action sequences that are a pleasure to watch. The punches and kicks never even come close and the camera doesn’t even switch angles to cover the whiffs, its beautiful. The battle between the robotic unicorn Uni Kong and the Optimus Prime rip-off the rangers pilot is fun however, just wacky stuff that feels just as campy as the battles in the Power Rangers episodes. The dialogue is very breast focused and has some fun moments of silly inspirational speech, such as when one ranger describes her breasts as two swellings on her chest that are love fruits that can defeat evil. So lots of oddly worded, perhaps lost in translation goodness. The craziest thing about this one is how wholesome it is, as it is so cute but not the kind of movie you’d expect from the various titles involved. The silly fight choreography, outlandish dialogue, and robotic Uni Kong add some wackiness, however.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 5/10

Overall Insanity: 3/10

Cuteness: 1,000,000/10

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