Plot: Lt. Claude Seltzer (Russ Dubuc) is a seasoned police officer, but he also loves to take to the open seas and water ski like there’s no tomorrow. In fact, he has spent so much time on the old water skis of late, he is quite tired and insists that everyone around him knows about it. His constant water ski conversations are soon interrupted however, as a maniacal killer is on the loose. As if things aren’t bad enough, his beloved main squeeze has been put into a coma by the murderer. His cool demeanor at the scene ensured that no one was able to capture the killer before his escape from a mental hospital, as he ignored a blood soaked man and lazily strolled toward the crime scene. Of course, the police being at the scene and allowing the maniac to escape is bad for business, so all the stops are pulled to bring this lunatic in. This all leads to a hostage situation, with the killer in a standoff with the authorities. Can Claude overcome his water skiing ailments and make sure justice is served?

Entertainment Value: Also known as Hostages, Another Son of Sam is one of those movies that even dedicated b movie lovers seem to shun. This is with good reason, as it is rather dull and plods on at times, despite a running time under 80 minutes. I can see why most viewers wouldn’t have fun with this one, but I do think it has some bright spots. I also think these bright spots sound better than they are, not to mention they’re far too infrequent to save Another Son of Sam. The main draw winds up being the odd, stilted dialogue and performances. None of the lines come off as natural or fluid, which means every conversation is awkward. I love this kind of dialogue, but aside from a few scenes, the writing is too lifeless to take advantage. I mean, there is some unintentional humor, but not enough to carry through the dull stretches. The cast is also along the same lines, as the performances are wooden, but not quite offbeat or bad enough to provide the kind of laughs we want. The best parts are the obsession with water skiing and the finale, which kicks some life into the whole mess. I’d still rather watch this than most multiplex drivel, but its still a dull, drawn out experience. But if you’re super tired from water skiing, give it a look while you rest and recover.

No nakedness. A couple teases, but the movie keeps things covered. The bulk of the movie has no bloodshed, despite shootings and beatings and the like. But the finale ratchets up the blood by a little, including a suitable and effective end to the standoff, so at least the movie ends well, right? So not much blood outside of the finale, but at least it has some crimson when it counts. The dialogue has some good moments, but doesn’t keep up the pace of the nonsense toward the start. If the entire movie had been as odd as Lt. Seltzer and his water skiing romance, Another Son of Sam would have been a fun, wild experience. But aside from Seltzer’s antics, the movie has little to offer and even in melodramatic moments, the cast shows little life and the writing doesn’t punch things up in the least. But they can never take away those awkward conversations about water skiing, that’s for sure. Aside from Selzter’s water ski lifestyle and oddly casual at all times attitude, not much craziness to mention here. I wish it was wild and unhinged, but no such luck. See you out on the lake!

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 2/10

Overall Insanity: 1/10

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