Plot: A new resort has been built in Africa, surrounded by enough natural beauty to evoke a feeling of paradise. The resort banks on the allure of proximity to the natives, rugged terrain, and wildlife, as visitors will be able to take in the experience while safe from its various dangers. You can swim in the same waters as crocodiles, kept safe by an underwater cage, for example. But in order to make this resort possible, land was razed and the lives of the locals, both people and animals, were changed in the process. Some locals have taken to the resort and become part of the attraction, but some feel the changes have angered the gods. And when people begin to disappear, rumors of the alligator god Kroona begin to circulate. The resort’s owner refuses to delay the arrival of the first guests however, as he blames the missing people, claiming they wandered off and knew the dangers involved. But when more attacks happen, it becomes clear that something is lurking in the waters with a thirst for blood. But is Kroona really out to feast on the outsiders and if so, can anyone stop this ferocious alligator before he feeds on every last guest?

Entertainment Value: The Great Alligator is an obvious Jaws knock off, but it is also quite a fun movie. The story also has a Jurassic Park kind of feel, as man’s tinkering with nature brings about a whirlwind of death and destruction. The narrative is thin, but it sets up what needs to happen and that’s what matters in this case. The main draw here is the alligator god Kroona and of course, we want to watch this beast run amok over the poor humans. The movie provides ample scenes of Kroona’s wrath, but in bursts until the finale, when all hell is unleashed. So while some b monster movies hide the monster, The Great Alligator gives its behemoth plenty of screen time. Which is good news, as the monster is hilarious and so much fun to watch. The gator barely moves and is totally still in most scenes, floating lifeless in some cases. So while I doubt anyone will be scared of this beast, Kroona’s low rent presence adds so much entertainment value. But the gator isn’t the lone draw here, as we also have a colorful cast and some wild moments. The cast includes Barbara Bach and Mel Ferrer, as well as a host of interesting smaller roles, such as a loudmouth brat kid, an elderly couple that loves to dance, and a guy who insists it is ok to shit your pants, as no one will know. A host of awkward, hilarious moments arise in this, not even including the ridiculous special effects. The end result is a movie that delivers immense entertainment value, provided you can appreciate unintended humor and awkward moments. If you’re a fan of bizarre cinema, Italian knock offs, or killer animal movies, this one should be in your collection.

A couple of brief topless scenes, but that’s all the nakedness. We do get Bach half naked strapped to a sacrificial construct however, which is fun. In terms of blood, we don’t see any graphic alligator attacks since Kroona is like a big piece of drifwood in most scenes, but there’s always blood in the water. The attacks are still fun to watch however, even if for all the wrong reasons. The movie also has a lot of arrow kills, as the natives shoot down the foreigners, sometimes with flaming arrows. I mentioned how hilarious the alligator is, but that’s just the tip of the special effects fun. I loved the miniature work done here, it was so fun to watch. A scene where the resort burns and a bridge collapses were done with miniatures and while not all that convincing, I appreciate the artistry and entertainment involved. The dialogue has a lot of wild moments and memorable lines, to be sure. The bratty kid tells everyone off, an odd guy is obsessed with shitting his pants, a Frenchman keeps track of how long breath can be held, and so many more outlandish moments. On the craziness scale, we have all the odd dialogue, colorful characters, ridiculous special effects, and a wild finale that sends off the movie in grand style. The movie has numerous off the rails scenes and is never dull for a second, so it earns a solid insanity score.

Nudity: 1/10

Blood: 3/10

Dialogue: 5/10

Overall Insanity: 6/10