Plot: Nick (Kurt Ela) dreams of being a screenwriter, but has found no success and his wife Mary (Rachael Drummond) clutches her dreams of being actress, but now the couple is focused on their unborn child. The two travel to Mary’s agent’s house, where a baby shower is being held and their friends have gathered. The friends quickly lapse into dull conversations about life’s missed opportunities, but luckily the monotony is broken up by some odd events. A blood soaked man barges in and warns that violence is rampant outside, then the clown arrives and lets everyone know barricades are up all across town. So the friends are stuck and decide to hunker down inside, though a neighbor lingers in the backyard. When a dumpy boytoy heads out to find out what he is doing, the neighbor turns violent and smashes his face in. Then the clown bites the host and all chaos breaks loose. Not really, but they make the clown go outside. What has caused this unexpected rash of sudden violence and can these pretentious assholes somehow survive?

Entertainment Value: The premise of Killer Party aka The Shower is an interesting one, with an unexplained outbreak turning normal citizens into violent psychopaths. But the movie chooses to focus on the wrong elements and instead of the cool stuff, we’re left to hang out with dull, unlikable characters. This is promoted as a horror movie, but in truth it is a talky drama that happens to include a few instances of violence. Most of the movie is a bunch of middle aged, pretentious, and entitled people talking about dull topics and you just want them all to die. Which is fine if this was a horror movie, as we’d watch some killer stalk them and kill them in horrific ways, but Killer Party just lets them drone on and on and on. When the movie goes outside, it works much better and has some bright spots, but for most of the movie, we are stuck inside with these insufferable people, while the cool stuff happens outside. The pace picks up toward the end, but not much and we still have an emphasis on mediocre dialogue. I wanted to love Killer Party, but it was a chore to watch and a real disappointment. Even if you’re a diehard horror fanatic, you’re safe to skip this one.

No nakedness. The blood is minimal outside of a couple of scenes, as the violence is always off screen and never shown. This leads to a lot of blood on people and clothes, but we aren’t able to see the kinetic violence. Even a fun scene where a creepy kid tears up the intestines of someone is dampened by this, I have no idea why the movie chose to never show the violence, perhaps budget constraints. In any case, I am being overly generous with my score, as the movie is just aftermath blood and never lets us see the fun happen. The dialogue is what you’d expect at a barbecue with a lot of pretentious middle aged folks, just dull comments about kids, life, and how their dreams never came to fruition. Given how much time is dedicated to talking in Killer Party, I wish some clever or at least wild lines could have made the cut, as these conversations would work as sleep aids. I wish this one had craziness, but it seems content to be bland instead, save for the scene with the creepy kid. So I will score one point for that, otherwise this one is forgettable.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 2/10

Dialogue: 0/10

Overall Insanity: 1/10

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