Plot: Anna (Lieux Dressler) is one tough woman, running her truck stop like a boss and raking in tons of cash. She has all the usual truck stop amenities, but also has beautiful waitresses who can provide extra services if the money is right. Anna also leads a band of highway pirates, hijacking trucks to take the cargo, repaint the rig, and score some serious cash on the side. The local police don’t just look the other way, they partake of Anna’s offerings themselves, which means she is insulated from legal blowback and can operate freely. But her success has drawn the attention of others, who seek to horn in on her territory and take a cut of her profits. Smith (John Martino) is a mob connected hit man who sees immense potential in Anna’s operation, so he plans to strongarm her and take a portion for himself. But when he tries to cut Anna out of part of the money from a truckload of valuable cargo, tempers flare right off the bat. She refuses to be muscled out of her own racket and Smith is determined to do whatever it takes to score part of the loot, pitting them against each other in an impasse. As tensions and violence escalate, which side will emerge victorious in this turf war?

Entertainment Value: This is some prime hicksploitation, with ample sleaze and exploitation violence. The story centers on a truck stop home to all kinds of illicit activities that attracts the attention of a mobster, who sees a chance a score, but winds up in a battle against the truck stop folk. This one opens with a mob hit on two people in a bathtub, interrupting an otherwise romantic aquatic foot rub. As a fan of both hick based cinema and colorful characters, Truck Stop Women is a god send, as it packs both in substantial doses. We have all kinds of memorable characters, including a bumbling lawman, tough talking gals, and even mobsters, who make quite an interesting foil for our rural heroes. The cast has some great talent involved, with Claudia Jennings, Lieux Dressler, and even Uncle Leo himself, Len Lesser. Jennings is smoking hot as always, never shy to show off her gorgeous assets. And lest we forget, the legend herself, Uschi Digard appears, so you know the nudity is epic. The tone varies from serious to slapstick, but always entertains. This one also has some fun truck stunts, which are all the more impressive given how huge the semis are, so this isn’t the normal stunts we’d see. Truck Stop Women was a lot of fun and should appeal to fans of exploitation, drive-in cinema, and hicksploitation.

This is one is packed with naked flesh, with a host of beautiful women baring it all on a regular basis. As I mentioned earlier, Uschi Digard is here and as always, she is beyond hot and shows off her enormous rack. The scene where she is “arrested” as part of sex play with the local sheriff is hilarious and a great segment. There’s just an endless parade of breasts, bare asses, and even a good amount of full frontal, the kind of drive-in sleaze genre fans live to watch. Some of the scenes are just quick topless scenes, but most aren’t and the volume more than compensates. The blood flows at times, mostly in gun battles, but there isn’t a lot of the red stuff around. But hey, we get to see a guy killed by a cattle stampede, so yeah. The dialogue is a lot of fun, with all kinds of tough talk and hick logic, all of which is bolstered by the colorful characters. Anna is such a hard ass, she never ceases to entertain, while her crew of oddball hicks and rednecks provide most of the humorous moments. In terms of the crazy scale in this one, we have a wild ending, plenty of fun with the hicks, and some colorful characters. Not super crazy, especially by drive-in standards, but some great off the wall moments pop in.

Nudity: 8/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 5/10

Overall Insanity: 2/10