Plot: The plot of Scream and Scream Again is quite odd and often confusing, so I will give you a quick synopsis and let you discover the rest. A serial killer seems to be preying on young women, but police are baffled by the murders. The women are drained of all blood, which leads to the killer being called a vampire in public gossip. As that case unfolds, it becomes stranger and stranger, as if the man behind the killings is not just a routine criminal. At the same time, a spy is doing some killing of his own elsewhere and using just a simple touch to do so. But how is he able to cause so much damage with just a squeeze of his hand? We also have a man who goes jogging, only to wake up in a hospital missing all of his limbs. Mix in even more political drama and a doctor who loves to experiment, and you can see why Scream and Scream Again can be a tough nut to summarize.

Entertainment Value: This is an odd duck, marketed as a horror picture, but more of a mishmash of numerous genres. The film blends spy thrills, political intrigue, a detective story, light bits of horror, and even some science-fiction, weaving a confusing, but quite memorable cinematic tapestry. You can’t help but wonder how in the world all this will piece together and for what reason, so even if you’re baffled, you’ll be sucked in just to see what the hell happens. The main draw for most will be the presence of three icons of horror, Christopher Lee, Vincent Price, and Peter Cushing. But none of the three have lead roles here and the combined screen time is rather low, though it is still cool to have all three in the same film, without question. Price gets the most screen time out of the trio, but even he has a small role here. So horror fans might feel a little mislead here, but those who appreciate bonkers cinema will be right at home. The scenes that involve the capture of the killer are just bananas, off the rails stuff and those sequences alone are worth the ticket to ride. It might not make sense, but Scream and Scream Again is so out there, you can’t help but be entertained.

A brief topless scene and in that same shot, an ever so quick bush peek. Not much blood, but we have a disfigured face that looks cool and our superpowered killer tears off his own hand to escape. The hand removal is off screen, we just see a rubber hand with some blood, but hey, that’s still fun. While not gore, I do love the scene where the killer falls down the rock wall, as it is clearly a dummy and looks hilarious. That entire scene is just classic, though. Some terrific lines in this one, as you’d expect with Price involved, after all. Some nice hammy moments from him, as well as police banter and a few minor, but humorous exchanges here and there. On the insanity scale, this is pretty much off the rails the entire time and rarely even tries to make sense, so yeah, it scores some points. The scene where the killer is chased by the police, only to climb straight up a rock wall, fall to his death, come back to life, tear off his own hand, then jump into a pool of acid, that alone is priceless. The we have the odd narrative branches, political nonsense, and Price’s over the top performance. This is just one weird moment after another, great stuff.

Nudity: 1/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 3/10

Overall Insanity: 7/10

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