Plot: A young woman has just turned 19 and she’s ready for some pleasure, or at least so she claims. But while Eva (Sabine Wollin) is of the proper age, she can’t seem to decide between two rival beaus. Both Claus (Claus Obalski) and Stefan (Ekkehardt Belle) are hot after Eva, to the point they constantly try to one up each other. Regardless of which one manages to come out on top however, Eva’s affections elude both of them, leaving both out in the cold. Neither will give up though, so as each tries to score with Eva, the other tries to sabotage the attempt. This leads to some wacky situations, especially as the group visits different places and encounter some odd people. Will either ever get lucky with Eva or she is not as ready as she seems?

Entertainment Value: This German import became an early cable staple, with ample nudity and slapstick humor. Despite the title of She’s 19 and Ready, our lead girl is more tease than anything else, though she isn’t shy to take off her clothes. The story is simple, but effective and follows two guys who compete for a girl’s attention, but just wind up ruining each other’s chances. The tone here is light and silly, with slapstick humor and plenty of sex related jokes. The version I’ve seen is dubbed into English and has some outlandish voice overs, which add to the ridiculous nature. I also love the soundtrack, which suits the material well and who doesn’t love the bizarre disco performance that pops out of nowhere? The humor is inconsistent however, but you have to expect some fizzled jokes in a sex comedy, I think. The pace is a little slow as well, somewhat kept in balance by the shifts in locales to keep things fresh. As a sex comedy, the movie hits enough of the right notes to work and is helped by some of the more outlandish things involved, to be sure. So if you appreciate bad dubs, big bush, and silly characters, give this one a look.

This movie has a good amount of nudity, with naked women and men on patrol throughout. A wealth of breasts, bare ass, and bountiful bushes are all seen here, including a parade of bush toward the film’s conclusion. None of the sex is graphic at all, just light and fun, with ample naked flesh. There’s also a scene where a guy’s bare ass crack is filled with sand, so that’s a thing, right? No blood here, this one just has some comical pratfalls, no violence. Although, a child does kick the asses of a bunch of adults using this martial arts expertise. The dialogue is outlandish thanks to a bargain basement dub treatment, but hey, that adds to the fun. Even basic lines are mangled into awkward phrases and it is hilarious, but I have no idea how close to the original German writing this dub was. Regardless, a lot of awkward and outrageous dialogue, so it is fun to listen to. As far as craziness, we have the insane disco sequence, a wealth of silly characters, and all the wacky dialogue. This one is plenty off the wall, but always in a fun, goofy style.

Nudity: 10/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 5/10

Overall Insanity: 2/10